Fasting As a Path of Dharma


In the Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist traditions, fasting—“vasting”, or Upavasa, in Sanskrit, is considered a religious practice, an ethical and economic way of life of abstaining from food and the material world. Upa means to stay up; and vasa means with God, nature or Dharma. As a way of life our DNA, “longevity genes”, mitochondria, brain and gut microbiome, liver and stomach, glands and hormones, mind and Chakras, thrive on no food, while the spirit of our unity, one with God/Dharma is free to expand in presence. . .  

Fasting is a sacred practice when the mind commits to a higher purpose and the body surrenders to its perfect flow, cleansing and rebirth.

Fasting is like a long held Yoga pose

When you practice fasting during different life-stages and times of change you go back to the beginning of who you are—renewing your perspective, recharging your memory, and regenerating your awareness; connecting to the rawness of an empty stomach, while giving birth to what it means to be a human being with an inherent dedication and inspiration to follow a spiritually healthy way of life, continually into your later years.  

In this very educational and valuable 7 day course, we fast and cleanse the body, engage the mind and inspire our passion to be vibrantly healthy; as we gather together each day to engage in various discussions such as: 

The many reasons why we fast, the world we live in, and the different types of fasting protocols we can practice periodically. We go through the immune and digestive systems, our Karmic Life History, the gut brain interface with the world, and our Divine Immune Intelligence. 

During the week we introduce valuable Dharma practices and “Yogalonic”-breathing techniques (colonic irrigation) that are extremely advantageous during our fast and as we enter back into our world.  

We discuss the many diverse bio-spiritual nutrients of our most beneficial foods, the good and bad effects from lipids, carbs and proteins; the food and supplement industries; how to shop, create a divine kitchen, travel with healthy practices, and employ mindful eating every day. 

We look at all of the different dimensions of our bio-chemistry when in a “fed state” and in a fasting state, our anabolic and catabolic metabolism, insulin and leptin resistance, how to become more metabolically flexible, the meaning of autophagy, stem cells, and ketogenesis. 

We talk about lifespan and health-span, exercise physiology, what it means to age and senescence. And go deeper into Vitamins, Minerals, phytonutrients, pro and pre-biotics, fiber and the enzymes of light. 

Through the miraculous fasting process we are reborn to love and nourish ourselves while living in a world of 

"Eat me, buy me, try me, and become me".

The course encompasses more than 23 hours of class time throughout the week; this includes a 4 hour Orientation and a 4 hour workshop on how to break the fast properly to experience the full physical, mental and spiritual benefits of your fast, long into the future.

Our groups are small and intimate. A great amount of attention is given to each person—time is always found to address an individual’s personal needs, and with their permission, is often woven in the classes. Every week is different, with newly researched information channeled amongst the dynamics of the groups’ energy.