Tony Smith Attended the Dharma Healing Yoga-Fast - December 12 - 19, 2011

Dearest Hilary

Just wanted to say a few words on how things are here and how my stay with you has changed my life.
I had been carrying a few ilnesses with me when I came to visit on 12th December 2011. Type 2 diabetes. elevated liver enzymes ( fatty liver) central obesity, Hypo Thryroidism, depression, lipodemia and hypertension and sleep apnoea to name some of the diagnosed and medicated conditions I had been suffering with since 2007.
On the 27th of Feb 2011, not 3 months after following most of but not all of your teachings I visited my Endocronologist. He was nothing short of amazed at the bloodwork that had come back from the lab.
As you know I had made the descision to stop my meds on day 1 of the fast. I have not taken any since that time. I can now report that the type 2 diabetes is under control and needs no meds. My BP is 120 /80 (normal) No more Hypertension meds. My cholesterol is on the high side of normal but within range. My endo and i have agreed we will look at this in 6 months and review, I think i can get it down with more effort. I don't need thyroid meds my TSH is normal. My sleep apnea has stopped ( i don't even snore any more). Only one of my liver enzymes is slightly elevated (ALT 45, 40 is is upper end of range)) I continue to "shrink" I'm down 11KG from the 12th of Dec. My Endochronologist has never seen such a change in such a short time and after I took the time to explain what I had done in the last 3 months he gave his blessing to carry on. He has heard of research which is gathering momentum on the benefits of a "body reset" so to speak in breaking the cycle of these modern day ilnesses and the cycle of medication. I for one am convinced that if I had not done something to break the cycle then I was going to continue to spiral down into further ill helalth and a slow demise.
From my heart I say thank you. for you wisdom, knowledge support and love. what you have done for me and many others I'm sure is give life back.
Please feel free to use any part of this message as testomony of what you do works, I'm more than happy to post results of my bloodwork over the last few years as supporting evidence. You also have my permission to use the Man_go joke in your book. Take care Hilary and thanks again.

Tony x

From Ashley Wilson – May 2010

 "She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go.

She let go of the fear. She let go of the judgments. She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head. She let go of the committee of indecision within her. She let go of all the 'right' reasons. Wholly and completely, without hesitation or worry, she just let go.

She didn't ask anyone for advice. She didn't read a book on how to let go... She didn't search the scriptures. She just let go. She let go of all of the memories that held her back. She let go of all of the anxiety that kept her from moving forward. She let go of the planning and all of the calculations about how to do it just right.

She didn't promise to let go. She didn't journal about it. She didn't write the projected date in her Day-Timer. She made no public announcement and put no ad in the paper. She didn't check the weather report or read her daily horoscope. She just let go.

She didn't analyze whether she should let go. She didn't call her friends to discuss the matter. She didn't do a five-step Spiritual Mind Treatment. She didn't call the prayer line. She didn't utter one word. She just let go.

No one was around when it happened. There was no applause or congratulations. No one thanked her or praised her. No one noticed a thing. Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go.

There was no effort. There was no struggle. It wasn't good and it wasn't bad. It was what it was, and it is just that.

In the space of letting go, she let it all be. A small smile came over her face. A light breeze blew through her. And the sun and the moon shone forevermore."

By Siddhi April 2010
There's a little girl inside of me
She has been hurt, it's plain to see
But now the time has come to be, More forgiving to the bigger me
I didn't mean to, I didn't care....or so I told myself, in dispair
It's much more clear now, I can see
THAT was the journey....
Oh, What Mystery!?
But wait a minute, my vision is clearing
There's no distinction between my mirroring
For I am Her and She is Me
We two exist simultaneously
If there is no time and space
Then we are one, at the same place
Yes, I must remember
To always treat this little one tender
She is brave, but she is scared
She needs someone who's not impaired
That can be me, I know it can
The time has come, to be the women
I know I am deep within
I'm ready to live that, through my skin
A friend and nurturer I shall be
I comfort to her, I am the tree
Filled with compassion, courage and love
I take her by my hand, from above
We walk along this path together,
All the way, finding treasure
The road before us paved in health,
It has become clear, this is the true wealth
Health is wholeness, of this I am sure
My body is ready, I hear it purr
Integrated at last, with its vast Aura...a Whirl...
I am a happier, brighter and lighter girl
For I am Her and She is Me
We skip along without a care
Braiding daisies in our hair
We leave behind us all regret
We do not need it as a pet
Knowing the now is all that matters
You can hear us gayly chatter
And if and when the day will come
I forget this sweetness, and start to run
I'll remember to come back here, to these words
I'll remember to come back...for Her

Cleansing from within,

We came together to do the fast
Making a change from our past

A new step forward we hoped it would be
What would happen, we'd just have to see
Meeting Hillary put things in motion

A daily cleansing ritual with a secret herbal potion
Clay water, colonics and vitamin C
All part of the process here you see

Coconuts became our adored cocktail
Empty shells filling an enormous pale

And Becky's wheatgrass came in shots
These hitting just the right spot

Epsom salts also had to be drunk
An acquired taste but would help shift the gunk

The liver flush requires though a garlic warning
But a tasty drink on Wednesday morning

The lime squeezer is such a great contraption
Being by the sea a wonderful distraction

Lives would change day by day
Deep down though, we would know the way

Time with Rod was an emotional release
Creative and inspiring and putting us at ease

Tibetan music bowls brought music to our ears
The music seemed to dissolve all our fears

Kitchen class with Becky we made quite a mess
But our veggie juices were simply the best

Cashew yoghurt, crackers and sweats
We certainly made quite some treats

Raja's dance yoga was more than entertaining
Something we could see ourselves maintaining

The elvis pelvis roll was quite a move
Getting everyone into the groove

Yoga nidra though saw us eaten alive
Mozzies out in force, we didn't know if we'd survive

Repellants were used to no avail
Bits galore until we set sail

Listening to the waves by the sea
Kundalini yoga in the morning breeze

Our daily ritual was fitted in amongst all this
This is life, this is bliss

We took ourselves off for an administered colonic
The experience leaving us feeling supersonic

Body scrubs and pedicures we enjoyed being pampered
Our spirits clearly could not be dampened

Hillary continued to teach all that we should know
How to continue success when we get back home

Space was cleared for a renewed start
Reaching within and cleansing our hearts

Our small group got along with ease
Thank you all for being there for me

You're all amazing women, I wish you continued success
To go back in the world and be your best

With our new knowledge we have received a gift
The experiences and people we'll dearly miss

Am sure we will return or continue to fast
The future's ours, we can't change the past

Denise Silk – January 2010

My lovely passionate Hillary, I wish I can say bye to you before I left but I didn’t feel like leaving at all. I know I will come back again and hopefully with more people that should meet your light and wisdom. I felt home in Koh Samui. Again thank you for everything you thought and made me think of, made me aware of..
I am sure I will have some questions to ask as always I do.I am going back to Turkey tomorrow and taking not only gifts but ideas and inspiration with me.

Love and Hugs.
Gokce – January 11, 2010 . . . (Gokce completed a three week fast)

Today the Nathon Evening Standard reports
That a man died
While standing beneath a coconut palm
Observing a small group of beautiful women.
He was struck on the head by a karmic coconut
As a half moon looked on dispassionately.
The autopsy reports that
The brain was full of coconut milk,
The spleen surprisingly clean,
In the colon a lone parasite was waving
A white flag of truce.
But his heart, his heart was full of gratitude
And seemed to on the brink of a song.
Tomorrow the beautiful women will weave
A shroud from green palm leaves,
The same song on their lips.
They will set his bones deep in the ancient, bleached coral
And return to dance as the moon waxes.

Tony Bristow – December 2009


A person who is master in the art of living makes little distinction between their work and play, their labor and leisure, their mind and their body, their education and recreation, their love and their religion. They hardly know which is which and simply pursue their vision of excellence and grace, whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing. To them they are always doing both.
Zen poet – spoken by Graeme – December 27, 2009

Dear Hillary,

I am back at home and still eating wheat and sugar free. I came home and my mom made ice cream pie, chocolate mousse pie, banana bread with chocolate chips, lemon poppy seed bread and made me an Easter basket with all sorts of chocolates and truffles and I resisted it ALL. That's HUGE for me. I am very excited and proud of myself and I still feel great!!

Thanks for everything.

Much love, JW (Jeanne Williams) April 2009

Ode to an Enema Connie – March 2009

“You’re full of shit!” I said to me
So I sat down, but could only pee

I knew right then a change was due,
Regarding more than just my poo

My head was clogged, my heart was tight
My body didn’t feel right

Though generally I eat quite well
I had to say, I felt like hell

So I went on-line and found a spot
Palm trees, ocean, nice and hot

With morning coffee and night time tea
It sounds just like the place for me

Some work in Bangkok, then at last
Off to Samui for a week-long fast

We gathered slowly one by one,
In a little hut beneath the sun

A rather open-minded group
Willing to discuss their poop

Our gracious teacher, wise and kind
Would help us heal in body and mind

We began with clay and herbs quite strong
And a little bag to move things along

And all went well Days 2 and 1
My body’s churning had begun

“I want to go home!” I screamed to me
Then I finally made it through day 3

Headache and heartache were almost gone
Body and soul could carry on

Days 4, 5, 6 went by so fast
Shedding pounds and sorrows past

Friends were made and stories shared
Knowledge gained and hearts were bared

Yoga, lectures, swimming, sound
Cleaning, cleansing all around

Drinks from coconuts like a boob,
And twice a day – that little tube

Day 7’s done, it’s time to part
With brighter dreams and a lighter heart

“No more shit!” I said to me
Thank you all – and Hillary

Hi Hillary,

How are you? Its Olivia the teacher from Bangkok - hope you remember me from my visit during New Year's week.  I have been thinking of you and wanted to say hello and thanks again for your help.  I still feel great after my visit.  Admittingly I have gone back to cooked food sometimes but have been really good about sticking to smart food combinations or eating one type of food at a time. And I am so hooked on natural fruit and vegetable drinks – got to have fresh juice everyday – it’s like my body is starved for it.  Not only do i feel good physically but i really feel like me again - something i hadn’t been able to be for a while before my visit to you. 

I think its important to let you know the impact you have had on my well being.... i really needed help to get back on course as my solitary efforts were not working anymore and I am so grateful that i was led to you and everyone at the center when i truly needed help. Not only the compassion, but the education and time you give to everyone - thank you.

I just got back from a week's stay by the Mekong in Laos— it’s so beautiful and peaceful up there.  What a fortunate start to the year I have had!  This weekend i am hosting a dinner party for a few close friends and on the menu ... fresh fish ceviche and Mexican bean soup because I found organic pinto beans here in Bangkok.  I love cooking for my friends but knowing I am providing a healthy menu (inspired by you) makes me feel even better.

I wish you continued energy to do your great work, Hillary. Thanks so much - I look forward to seeing you and another visit again someday.

With love, Olivia, January 2009

Song Numero Uno

When I first came here
I felt quite alone;
Not sure if I could handle it
Or what would happen in time...

But then I met Hillary
& talked with her a while;
She left me with a hug &
I knew that I'd be fine!

The first day was quite intense
With education coming to;
Meeting all my peers &
Sculling drinks that'll make us poo!

At first I was doing fine
Day 1, day 2, day 3...
Feelings were all expected:
Like "Somebody please kill me!"

But then it shifted to the mind
And the real cleanse took its place;
Emotions pouring out
That I'd tried hard not to face.

But deep down now I'm lighter
Free to explore
The wonders of organics
& spirituality more!

So Raj and Hillary,
My thanks go out to you -
You're an idol to us all
In creating a happy healthy loo!

& Kish, with your mind
Louigi, with your heart
Elaine - your trusting eyes
& all of you with your smiles :)

Thank you to you all
Such amazing pure souls...
The universe was right
When it created your moulds.

You've all really helped me
To place my life on its shelf;
To look deep inside &

Primrose Chandler
November 2008

Hi Hillary

This is Kevin here - he of blonde hair and painted toe nails from your first program at the start of August.

Just to update you, I am back in Dubai and teaching in the school, although it is Ramadan which affects how much we can do PE wise. I bought myself a rather fast and loud motorcycle and have kept the blonde hair, much to to the disappointment of my headmaster.

Happily, I have continued the good habits learnt and am currently 82kg, 10 kg lighter than when I first met you. I have managed to eat healthy, existing mainly on fruits and salads, having cut out all red meat, most white meat, breads, cheeses, carbonated drinks and most importantly, alcohol. I am back swim training after 25 years and am running again with a view to competing in a marathon next year. Everyone has remarked how much better and younger I look. I feel fantastic and yesterday bought some new jeans with a waistline 4 inches less than my others. Indeed, I am having to buy a whole new wardrobe as my shirts are huge on me! I am in better shape now than I was when I was 25.

Many people have been asking me about the transformation and I am happy to give a 'warts and all' account of my experiences. I wouldn't be surprised if you meet other people from Dubai in the near future.
Once again, thanks for pointing me on the right road.

Regards to Raj

Kevin Scorah
August 2008

Pure foodless freedom
Timeless waves of Thai massage
Coconut fasting bliss

Haiku by Paul Carty—February 2008

The enema bag

I have only one bag to declare
Because I lost all my luggage on an internal flight
A battered suitcase I've lugged round for years
A Pandora's trunk full of addictions and fears
I'll mourn for its loss, though I might not shed tears

I have only one bag to declare
At first I didn't know,
Whether it was a friend, or an enema
But it turned out to be a ticket to ride
On a a supersonic colonic, rectile projectile
That flew me back through time
To meet my old self

I have only one bag to declare
It's a bag made for one, though now it's to share
With my old-fashioned self
Who's just thinner, and with hair,
You can't turn back the clock
But you can find second chances
Like meeting an old flame
In one of those classic romances
Though it's not the girl,
But yourself, that you fancy

And I only have one bag to declare
It's empty, but it's now full of hope
A crack of a smile of a new moon afloat
There's no full stop, to a colon in flight
I'm clean, lean and travelling light
And as for Dharma healing, I have to admit
They really do
Know their shit

Poem by Anthony (Rant) Phillips—January 2008

When God looked down the earth
And saw everyone peaceful and the same
He thought this is boring
I want to play a game.
So he created you and me
And Lucifer and Al Gore
Human with there own will
To see what was going to happen
Take the apple and stand the drill
But slowly, slowly this sweet Lucifer
Only wanted more and more.
This more and more is not the way
But who can tell me how this game to play?
Too many questions
Gong on in my mind
I can’t stop thinking
The answer is hard to find
But if I am silent
And listen very well
There will always be an angel
Who can tell
Loving, Supporting, guiding
Who might this angel be?
Well for me this time
It was Hillary!
Thank you for everything.
I hope I can infect my friends at home.
October 2007


I started my journey here 7 days ago.
What I was searching for, I do not know.
But something was missing in my life for sure,
So I guessed Dharma Healing was the place for the cure.
I was so nervous coming here,
Alone to this place,
How lucky I was, that the first person I met had such a warm looking face.

As the week has gone on the easier it has gotten.
I don’t know if you’d get the same response if you’d ask my bottom.

The feeling I’ve got from doing this fast,
Is so clean and pure, like nothing I’ve had in the past.

Georgina and Vivienne what a delight you both are,
So easy to talk to, you will both go so far.

Hani, so youthful and fun,
A centre you should open,
Denise and me will definitely come.

Rus and Yasko, the love I see between you,
It’s like a beam of light,
Your presence here surreal and so bright.

Heike and Robert, your loving family presence has meant so much to me,
It reminded me of home,
Which I’m missing so, deeply.

Barbie, a sense of humor,
My dad told me is a gift indeed,
Which you have, and in life you will surely succeed.

Dermot, you’re the person I’ve least gotten to know,
But certainly when I see you,
I see a special glow.

Denise, wishing you all the fun and happiness on your special journey.
Just don’t be in a hurry.
Make sure one day that us three meet up for that green Thai curry.

Alex, the strength I see in you is yet to come out,
So strong that you are you will surely sprout.

Before I finish I must go back to one place.
It’s the verse about the warm looking face.
Yes, it was Hillary, who is so full of grace.

January 2007

I dreamt of coming to Dharma Healing,
To achieve this goal of better feeling.

On and off the healthy wagon I have often fallen,
Much to my despair and my sorry colon.

Now here in this paradise of coconuts and sunshine,
The power of good health is becoming mine.

And though I have missed the pat Thai and green curry,
Those things I will not be wolfing down in a hurry.

One of the lessons learned through herbs, colonics and coconut milk,
Is that my intestines will soon be turned to silk.

Thank you to Hillary and all my fellow fasters,
As from sharing this experience I know that we can all become masters.

And soon it will come time for a sad goodbye,
But it is with warmness in our hearts and there is no need to cry.

For cashew cheese, veggie patties and nut and date balls await,
And that, my friends is a wonderful way to start our new fate.

Elizabeth Morris
December 2006

“The Poo Song”
To the tune of “OH SUSANNAH”

Verse l
Oh I come to Dharma Healing,
With sore feet and heavy heart.
When I leave I know I’ll be restored
In each and every part

Dharma Healing, it really cleans us out
If you need a poo,
I’m telling you,
This is where you should hang out.

Verse 2
Drink your herbal drinks and coconuts
And broth down every-day,
Insert your tube, stay near the loo
And you will be O.K.

Dharma Healing, it really cleans us out
If you need a poo,
I’m telling you,
This is where you should hang out.

Verse 3
So farewell my friends,
This is not the end.
Go home and carry on.
Raw food and juice, no living loose
Look after your co-lon

Dharma Healing, it really cleans us out.
If you need a poo,
I’m telling you,
This is where you should hang out.

In honour of Hillary and all she has done for me and so many others.
Thank You,

Sandy Ritchie
December 2006

Before we came into existence on this plane,
What a miracle it was to be;
To have granted this amazing organism,
In which we would move, feel, taste and breathe.
The reasons far beyond,
The scope of the dormant self;
The true beauty and delight of it all,
Something, that can only be felt.
The wonders of life as small as they may be;
Around every corner, for all souls to see.
The sound of the tide, the smell of the rain;
The splendor of a crimson sunset, again and again.
To feel the heart bent, softly inside the chest;
To feel the warmth of a lover, as you softly caress.
To feel this life pumping through your veins,
And tingling in your toes;
Is truly a special gift, anyone knows.
So let the love for yourself continue to grow;
For you are an instrument, with which to sew;
The gifts and pure beauty of your soul upon this earth;
For every one of us is so important,
From the moment of our birth.
May we be gentle with ourselves,
Nurture and feed,
So we may become the ultimate creation,
That we’re all supposed to be.
For we are the universe in miniature;
An ocean of endless possibility;
May we be kind to our body, mind, and soul;
Let us set our divine energies free!
For Hillary and the Dharma Healing Center,
Love and Light,

August 2006


Thank you so very much for the best 9 days. You have been fantastic and have helped me find in myself the old Katy. One of my close friends says over the past few years that I have lost my spirit. I think I may have regained it now.
I know I have a lot more self confidence and self worth than 10 days ago, along with a wealth of knowledge on food and nutrition.

I’m so glad I found your website. What you inspire in people is amazing. Keep doing what you are doing.
My only regret is that I didn’t get to give you a hug goodbye.

But I will be back. So It’ll have to wait until then!
With all my thanks and love,

May 2006

Time cannot be influenced by mankind. It gives each of us a beginning and an end. And this makes us question the significance of what comes between. But if you can create something time cannot erode, something which ignores the eccentricities of particular eras or moments, something truly timeless, THIS IS THE ULTIMATE VICTORY!

I believe that Hillary, through this course creates something timeless. Every time she so generously imparts knowledge, or asks “how are you?” or gives a hug, she gives something so precious to those of us that come to fast with her – an opportunity to heal ourselves.

Dharma Healing Center – Mei Darsi. This in my father’s native language, it means, Thank You. I have learnt a lot from you and being here has given me the opportunity to reassess, cleanse and think on some things I never even knew existed within me.


Esther Oberi-Darko

To Dharma Healing Center,,

Beneath the calm waters
Lies a deep wisdom –
Treasure from Atlantis,

Gems of compassion
Held out with
Open hand,
Open heart.

Take this, you smile,
It is yours.

You make me feel like
I, too, am a gem

Dear Hillary,

Thank you seems like too few syllables; too small an image to convey the deep appreciation that I feel for your support, teachings, wisdom and for simply providing a gentle place of beauty in which people have the freedom to be well. . .
You are a Gem of the Sea,

With Love,


In You We Find:
Refuge, from the worlds we create around us. . .
A stillness, like glass that blankets the calm sea. . .
Kindness, that is genuine & without judgement. . .
Guidance, not through awe, but instead through the insight you awaken from within. .

In You We Find:
Perspective, that nourishes our ability to make choices with awareness. . .
Respect, for the individuals we are, our weaknesses and strengths alike. . .

In You We Find:
Because you too reveal that your search is ongoing. . .
In You We Find. . .
A Gift,
The Gift of unconditional giving. . .

And through all we find in you, we discover in ourselves. . .


Dear Hillary,

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful program you run at the Samui Dharma Healing Center. It has opened a door for me which I am so excited about. I truly am amazed with the outer and inner changes I have experienced during my two week fast with you. I feel more centered than I have ever been and inwardly joyful. I started my one year journey searching for answers to my question: “What is my life really all about?”
Along my path I have been blessed by many special people: teachers, guides and friends, who each in their turn have acted as “gatekeepers” to what has become a very special and unique, end to this particular journey. What happened to me during my two weeks at your center has given me much, much more than I ever could have imagined.

Although, I realize that I still haven’t yet arrived at where I need to be, I know that I am heading in the right direction. George Elliot, once wrote: “No Soul is desolate as long as there is a human being for whom it can feel trust and reverence.”

Thank you so much for creating an environment where I could simply “BE” and where I felt trust, in you and in myself. Much healing has taken place whilst I was in your care and love.

God Bless You, Hillary


To learn to love, take the inner way.

Light is our birthright, we are here to play.

As when the rays of sunlight waltz with the falling rain,

Heavy displays all her colors as in a rainbow to take away our pain

But from where have the rays of light rebounded with such joy and art?

Isn’t it obvious?

These colors have reflected from within your heart.

So retreat within, humble your needs, take refuge beneath the celestial wishing tree.

As women will pray and men meditate let us dissolve our greed, envy and hate.

Cleansing the soul as only the ancient ones know how, for the moment has returned for this knowledge to be ploughed.

As once upon a time goddesses cherished this land,

So let us unite to regress Gaia—our true Mother to harmony hand in hand.

Thank you, Dharma Healing Center.

By Philippa




Jonah, Morton and Yuka


Claire and Deborah.


Hanneke's shot of Michele Feb 2010.


Gini Yoga Thailand Sept 2009.


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