The Power of Divine Unity

By Hillary Hitt

It is a pity that so many of us intelligent, educated scholars and pundits use up so much of our Divine energy on intellectualizing Spiritual matters, at a time on our planet when nothing is more important than for human beings to come together in a unified force of Divinity and Pure Spirit in prayer.

Each of us has the potential to reflect, emanate and express God’s Perfection and Goodness, during the blessed moments of sanctuary and during our daily existence. In making this a priority in our lives, we are taking advantage of an opportunity to manifest the Spirit of our Divine Unity throughout the universe. Unfortunately, many people are walking around half dead, feeding the egos of separation with a bad diet and words of rhetoric; defending their thesis of worldly beliefs for the satisfaction of material accomplishment and personal salvation. All of which perpetuates separation, weakening the force of our human union to evolve spiritually.

Gifted are we who have realized the present essence of mind and who cultivate and sing out God’s message with every breath: the message of expressing Divine Love for Life while manifesting the virtues of our humanness that empower not one but all. Call it the Child’s Mind, The Buddha Nature, The Almighty I AM Presence, Christ’s Eternal Light.

As evolved human beings, our purpose is to put effort in moving beyond the intellect of duality, which separates us from becoming Awake to our Divine Connection to each other. In fact to not move beyond the ego of separation, defined by our cultural, religious and social conditioning to become, attain, and consume one another and the whole planet, we limit the freedom to explore our Divine Nature, the Nature which unifies us as an empowered humanity and enlightened planet earth.

It is a pity that by pursuing the enterprises which glorify the individual at the expense of weakening the whole, not one is saved in the end. We are here to glorify each other through recognizing, respecting and revering the beauty of each of our Divinity and thus transcending the habit of creating separation and contention throughout the universe.

Let us come together in the blessed moments of sanctuary. Let us come together in the strength of commitment to seek our Divine Connection to Life, Nature and each other. And let us come together—as all paths lead us to one home.







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