Looking At the Integral Relationship of Life and Dharma

From the Book: Dharma in One Complete Text
By Buddhasa Bhikku
Translated by Hillary Adrian Hitt

Life is something that we must look at from every perspective, in small pieces and in its entirety, until we see how it relates to Dharma.

Then we will know how to manage both Life and Dharma to become something beautiful.

Buddha would say Dharma is eternally beautiful. The education of Dharma is eternally beautiful. The acceptance of the practice of Dharma is eternally beautiful. The fruits of Dharma are beautiful.

Dharma is the flower from the Garden of the Buddha.

The Buddha’s Garden of flowers, here, is equal to Dharma—The Dharma of everything, “ALL” Dharma is many, all the many flowers in Buddha’s Garden.

In order to solve life’s problems, we need to see every characteristic of THE ONE, paritat, that arises in the mind, as we proceed to look around us, from every perspective, in every direction, from every angle and boundary and side of life.

We need to see every part of THE ONE, The Dharma. We must be capable of seeing and understanding every aspect.

Dharma and Life are integral. On a deeper level they are the same thing. They are ONE.

That which we call “Dharma” we need to see as life.

In more detail, Dharma or life is broken down or exists in four parts:

Laws of Nature
The Duties that arise naturally or follow with the Laws of Nature
The fruits or effects that arise or are born or come forth or evolve from following the duties according to the Laws of Nature

For example, the laws of nature control the body and the mind. They are naturally inherent for the body and the mind to bring birth to the duties that must act out the correct behavior to bring forth the fruits for our evolution.

(Please note that “life”, “body”, “mind”, “duties”, “laws of nature” are separate characteristics of The ONE—All equal Dharma)

If someone doesn’t live their life or doesn’t follow the natural inherent rhythms or behaviors that follow the laws of nature they will die.

According to the history of biological evolution, the life that remains on earth today has survived because it knows how to adapt and change together with the changes in nature.

Life that doesn’t exist anymore has perished because of not being one with the eternal Dharma or with nature.

A life that lacks focus or that is not awake to the laws of nature must perish.

This is law, this is Dharma.

Thus Life must act out the duties correctly according to the laws of nature, then it won’t die and it won’t suffer. It is eternal as Dharma is.

The result of this is that Dharma and Life are ONE.

Not until by looking at and completely knowing all the specific characteristics that are life, that are All around, that make up The ONE, paritat, do we know, and thus can live “suchness” chen non eng.

If we practice that “suchness” of knowing The One there is no delusion, no suffering, no confusion, no separation. There is only Perfect Peace and Calm.

This is the heart of Buddhism.






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