Each week Dharma Healing International teaches an in-sequence, diverse selection of classes throughout the two different 7 day fasting programs: The Dharma of Fasting and Bio-Spiritual Nutrition; and The Dharma of Fasting for Professionals.


Each class is from 1 to 3 plus hours on 5 or 6 of the 7 days, from noon to later afternoon and some evenings. All fasting courses begin on a Monday at 10:30am with a thorough Orientation. The classes enhance the self-education of your fasting experience, providing you with various Dharma teachings to enhance and support you during your fast and when you depart. Our groups are small and intimate, where fasters feel safe to share personal stories and concerns, and receive support from each other.


Orientation - Each person begins the fast with: a thorough introduction and summary of what the fasting, cleansing and detoxification process entails; a picture of the daily menu, schedule and tips for good hygiene; how we have developed the conditions we will be addressing during the fast, details concerning the cleansing process, how to work with any physical, mental and emotional reactions that may arise during the fast, a thorough lecture on the digestive and immune systems, introduction to the benefits of reflexology, Chakras, glands and energy field as one of your best tools for understanding the body and working with cleansing; and a demonstration on how to do the self-administered colonic irrigation we call “Yoga-olonic”.


Buddha-Dharma Principles - Our fasting course programs follow Buddha-Dharma principles— not so much as a religion but as a psychology, philosophy and a practice; to help us come in touch with our mind and heart; help us see our Karmic life history, life styles, habits and attitudes that get in the way of us easily finding the Middle Path within toward awakening.The Dharma elegantly guides us toward a gentle process of physical, mental and emotional elimination; it helps us learn easily the art of letting go—which invisibly comes with little effort and much success during the fast. All programs emphasize the importance of mindfulness, meditation, equanimity, cleansing, intermittent fasting, meditation, Yoga, sacred movement, eating healthy raw foods and self-enquiry for peaceful investigation into one’s Health, Insight, Wisdom, Confidence and Intuitive healing ability. 


Digestive System Overview - Understanding as much as we can about how our digestive system works encourages us to be more responsible and aware of our body. We take a good look at all of the digestive system organs and their function, the lymph system, the meaning of detoxification, the liver, the gut associated lymphoid tissue-GALT, pancreas, enzyme nutrition and several types of diets and how they digest. We take a deep look at the blood and pH, the different lines and levels and types of immunity, different disease states, the endocrine glands, Chakras and fetal development.


The Meaning of Reflexology - As part of Orientation we discuss the art, practice and value of using reflexology and acupressure on various parts of the body; how to feel and relate to the body organ’s reflexes in your feet, hands, colon, ears, face, teeth, tongue, irises (irides); also a brief word about the natal astrology chart. . . It is one of the most amazing realizations to learn how every part of our body interconnects within and to the planets and cosmic universe surrounding us.


Through acupressure massage we are able to stimulate the circulation and metabolism, the lymph system, the energy-Qi, immune and healing responses of the different systems, glands and Chakra centers throughout all levels of the body and energy field. Each faster is given specific massage techniques for the particular points and is encouraged to work on themselves often during the fast. Self-administered reflexology and acupressure is a wonderful way to generate sensitivity to one self. Being sensitive to your whole body and learning how and what to feel for is an excellent foundation for becoming a professional reflexologist and for getting the hands stronger and more sensitive. Our masseuse, Pon, has been doing colon reflexology massage on our fasters for 22 years.


Individual Private Iridology Lesson - Each faster is given a personal Iridology reading with a private lesson in how to interpret their Iridology chart. With the simple tools of a magnifying glass and a torch there is a great deal about a person’s health that is revealed—Iris markings, textures, colors and shapes can show us personal family and medical history, genetic weaknesses and strengths, previous diet(s), habits, predispositions, surgeries, un-metabolized drugs, birth control pills and various hormones, heavy metals, emotional, past life experiences and mystical states. Nutritional and psycho/spiritual counseling is provided with recommendations for overcoming distracting thoughts, negative attitudes, bad habits and life styles that have gotten in the way of our path toward perfect health and connecting to our highest divine potential.


Personal Psycho/Spiritual Counseling According to Buddha Dharma Principles - For the many people who come to Dharma Healing a majority go through various mental, emotional and spiritual changes while doing the course.. Most ask for some counseling. Counseling is offered upon request. Utilizing Dharma principles as a path of guidance empowers each individual to look at and accept their present state, let go of attachments while focusing on the moment. Our wonderfully peaceful environment is supportive for this work, with its seaside, natural tropical surroundings providing the opportunity for reflection, for individual meditation and for aspiring affirmations and visualizations. Our safe sanctuary on The Bay of Peace assists each faster to let go of a hindering past and unsure future reality—which often blocks the mind from Being present. To put forth the effort toward the evolution of one’s integral wholeness and higher divine potential the Dharma is a brilliant form of psycho-spiritual counseling for self-inquiry.


‘No-Frills” Meditation - Because many people who come here have never meditated or have found it rather difficult to meditate, we offer a very simple and basic introduction which helps people to sit “without any frills”, pressures to perform, and accomplish anything. A nurturing, experienced teacher speaks in a caring manner providing peaceful words to encourage a meditative atmosphere and an opportunity to accept oneself without judgment or criticism. The first several tools for Vipassana are sometimes taught during this wonderful beginning Meditation class.


Yoga Nidra - More and more people from around the world are becoming attracted to Yoga practices to feel better, stronger, more flexible and more at peace with him/herself. Yoga is also a wonderful practice to find solutions to problems, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Much importance is given to relaxation techniques that can help fasters ease the tension caused due to a chronic, stressful life style. Yoga Nidra is one such wonderful technique, not only for physical and mental relaxation but also for preparing the mind for spiritual discipline.


Chakra-Qi Gong - During this very special class students are introduced to the Human Energy Field, combined with the Chakra-energy centers. We learn to feel, experience, direct, move, and balance our own energy for self-healing and self-realization. A lecture of the meaning of Qi-energy, how to work with your energy and a lecture on the Chakra system in relation to the specific endocrine glands is taught on request and schedule openings. The Chakra-Qi Gong practice is similar to self-administered Reiki. Breathing and Meditation are incorporated.


Hatha and Kundalini Yoga with Pranayama Breathing for Cleansing - A simple Yoga practice is introduced for stretching, becoming aware of the body, improving concentration, breathing properly and becoming flexible. Asanas that are especially good for stimulating the cleansing process and colonic irrigation are emphasized along with special pranayama breathing techniques. One of the most wonderful times to start a Yoga practice is during a fast.

A 1 hour class is held two or three times during a week. At various times of the year, different visiting teachers offer private classes on a fee-by-hour-basis. 


Water Exercises - Water classes give the student the opportunity to experience the healing qualities of the sea in a fun, nurturing and community supported natural eco-environment. The exercises we do are a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga, Watsu, and Meditation that especially stimulate every system of the body as well as the energy field. The water class is held occasionally upon request, if the schedule and the sea permit.


Quick and Easy Yoga - Many people have very little time to devote one whole hour of Yoga in the morning or during the day. This new and convenient "quick" Yoga practice takes about 20 minutes and provides a complete and satisfying, stand-up series of stretches—a great little workout. Various turns, twists, bends, lunges and jumps are given in a fun spirit of total-body-movement.


Enhanced Cleansing Dialogue - Communication is the universal solvent and the cleansing program is enhanced by our willingness to 'outflow' and let go of whatever we may be holding on to. In this special session we create a safe and mutually supportive community environment which allows each of us the safety and freedom to express and release one’s spirit of imagination. Taught on occasion.


Dharma Talk -. Every Friday night an introduction to the Buddha Dharma is given. This is a talk about the history, philosophy, psycho/spiritual and religious meanings of this multi diverse ancient phenomenon. A great group dialogue takes place as we interweave and broaden Dharma’s vast meanings into the purpose of our fast and the New Age. 



Classes All About Foods, Bio-Spiritual Nutrition and Lifestyles


The classes are a thorough foundation for what you and your family need to stay healthy, how to make wise and intelligent choices that protect and empower you to be broadly enlightened consumers of the New Age. Proper food combining, fasting patterns for healing a broad range of conditions, maintaining a perfect weight and preventing physical conditions. Discussions on how agri-business, and many of the major food industries use their advertising practices to take advantage; how to buy foods, how to think about foods, overcome addictions and cravings; how to strategize and plan kitchens, menus, daily lifestyles for work and social events; how to have a loving respectful relationship with your food, organizing time for nurturing yourself, shopping, preparing and eating. We also emphasize exercise as spiritual ritual and life enhancement and much more. . . The following food classes will be taught over the week:


Proper Food Combining - This class on Food Combining is one of the most important. Proper food combining is a practice for those who have any type of health condition, who want to lose and maintain their perfect weight, who are looking to take it easy on their digestive system and who would like more energy in their life. It is so beneficial that it can often contribute to healing various acute conditions, including insulin resistance and Type II diabetes, as well as long term chronic conditions such as arthritis, and obesity. The science behind it is discussed, with lectures on proteins and fats and an in depth look at carbohydrates, the glycemic index and metabolism. Examples of proper combining, or in appropriate combining and eating certain foods together will be demonstrated while calling on chemistry, pH, metabolism of different types of people, utilizing oxygen properly, physiology, physical and bio-spiritual nutrition and various disease conditions for understanding the benefits of this simple and amazing practice.


Food Groups - Each of the 3 main food groups: Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats will be thoroughly discussed in their own lectures. The new Dharma Healing Fasting Masters’ Manual is filled with detailed, research regarding the biochemistry of these food groups.


The Art, Love and Mindfulness of Eating and Being - In this sweet little class we discuss how to BE while eating mindfully as a way of loving and nurturing ourselves and the planet. Some tips and helpful ideas are given on the various eating practices that support loving ourselves, purchasing of food and thought for those who bring that food to your plate. Through our gratitude we not only cherish others we bless ourselves, as we become aware of how we contribute to a good healthy diet and happy life for one and all. In this class we teach the importance of daily rituals as devotion to the Light while eating in a way that not only heals you but also heals the world we live in. Our lives should be founded on a lifestyle of Love as opposed to a lifestyle based on strict discipline or careless consumption conditioned by society—following the Middle Path is encouraged.


Daily Cleansing from the Heart - Fasting is wonderful for the body the mind and spirit. But when we finish the fast it is so important to keep your body cleaned out every day. This class looks at a 24 hour day with discussion on what times of day are best or worst to eat and how much to eat of certain foods, according to your metabolism. We look at sleep, rehydration, hormones, eating for high performance exercise, snacks, supplements like Vitamin C, minerals, and Light. Eating for keeping your body and lymph system cleaned out helps you not only feel great every day, you can lose and maintain your perfect weight, and muscle mass. Learning how to organize your menu and your life day by day helps each of us far into the future: promoting a long and healthy life, great sleep, daily bowel movements, while providing you with vital energy as you get older and wiser.


Break the Fast Class - It is extremely essential that all fasters break their fast properly in order to feel the full benefits of the fast. Thus, we give great emphasis to this special time. During this important class we teach what substances to stay away from, and what are the best foods to break-fast with for the first 10 days. A 10 day program, day by day of how to break-fast is given, with detailed suggestions on how to feel the full benefits of the fast.


Enzymes - In this two part class, held at the Orientation and as part of the Break the Fast class, recent research on enzymes is discussed; as well as what are enzymes, why do we need them, problems from deficiencies, where do they come from; information regarding inherent weaknesses, auto-immune conditions, and the relationship to raw foods, breaking the fast, metabolism and mitochondria will be shared.


How to Setup a Health Food Kitchen, With Recipe Suggestions - Fasters are given the general 'ingredients' for overhauling the old and setting up the new and convenient, fun to work in, vegetarian health food kitchen. Wonderful creative recipes and how to create your own concoctions are provided in the new Dharma Healing Fasting Masters’ Manual course book; along with lots of new healthy flavor combinations, suggestions for sprouting, what equipment to throw away and purchase. Also, Healthy tips for travelers are given to those who would like to travel with a portable kitchen wherever you go. The contents of this class are spread out during the week.


In The Kitchen, Raw Foods Class - When fasters leave us we want to see them with positive enthusiasm toward having a healthy diet while working in a healthy kitchen. One of the most important prerequisites for this is to get them into our interactive, open-air health food kitchen-bungalow, by the sea during their week of fasting. In this class we work with a broad selection of foods, and prepare a selected menu of the following on Thursday afternoons: black bean humus, veggie kraut, green smoothie, nut milk, nut cheese, and raw cocoa candies; veggie chips, fresh juice and sometimes poopa-licious seed candie. This class is fun, “Lively” and extremely informative. Fasters are given most of the foods we make to break-fast during the week following the fasting week.



Private and Group Classes, Courses and Sessions


Yoga Sessions -These are additional Yoga classes for fasters who would like more Yoga than what is offered in the core program. Prices are to be discussed with the teacher.


Holistic Weight Loss Program-Emphasis -The idea of losing weight is much more than physical. We believe that it encompasses the whole person: one's body, mind, spirit and emotions. Holistic Weight Loss is an all over lifestyle-protocol. This program-emphasis teaches each person Dharma principles to work with all the emotional and mental factors that relate to gaining, holding and losing weight. Holistic weight loss encourages following a life style where one finds their Middle Path; where the mind naturally senses and maintains a perfect weight throughout life. As an addition to any of our fasting programs we are happy to offer several hours of private counseling during the week, discuss and plan menus, discuss how to eat, give a private meditation practice and a personalized exercise ritual if you request Holistic Weight Loss. Please contact us for more information. We are happy to host you and your group privately.


Beginning Iridology Class - An Introduction to the Science of Iridology - This class teaches each faster about the basic principles of Iridology. Iridology is the science of looking at the reflex points in the Iris to determine one's general all over health condition, constitution and the organ status. Iridology can also reveal where there are inherent blockages, weaknesses, genetic predispositions and deteriorated heath conditions in relation to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances caused from one’s environment. It can reveal past life traumas and surgeries, drug use-including birth control pills, life styles, habits and addictions. Upon request this is held as a group class.


“Yoga-locis” - This is a specially designed form of self-administered colonic irrigation which incorporates breathing techniques from Kundalini and Kriya Yoga with the Yoga Bandas, massage, relaxation poses and several asanas to help us cleanse the Chakras, nadis, glands, intestinal tract.

Yogalonics distributes the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head—from the Muladhara Chakra to the Sahasrara Chakra. It is a fabulous practice that helps us work with the water and helps the water work for us, assisting us to have a successful colonic irrigation experience. Breathing deeply from the inner organs, especially from the lower abdomen-the intestinal tract, while also incorporating the Yoga Kriyas of letting all of the air out as we move the lower abdominal muscles, provides us with a tremendous power to eliminate toxic fecal material stuck in the intestines. In the colonic practice we open all of the energy channels and Chakras, and stimulate “The Second Brain”. Learning to incorporate Kundalini and Kriya Yoga as well as the Yoga Bandas as a ritual with the cleansing practice of colonic irrigation, during your fast and during your life practice, promotes all over body, mind and emotional transformations throughout your whole life.


Introduction to Archetypal Astrology - In this very full introduction the necessary tools for reading one’s own natal chart are presented. The archetypes of signs, planets, houses, Moon’s nodes along with information regarding the four elements, triplicity-the three modes, MC-Midheaven and the angles or aspects are taught and demonstrated with examples. After several hours students are oriented to their own natal charts and can understand it, and even read it in a very basic manner.


Spiritual Astrology Reading - An Astrology reading of the spiritual aspects of the natal, transiting and progressed astrology charts is offered as time permits. Spiritual Astrology looks for the points of Enlightenment on the natal chart, how to overcome physical, emotional, psychological weaknesses and blockages while learning how to work with signs and planetary configurations, transits and progressions that we need to participate in. For students who pursue a 21 to 30 day course program.


An Introduction to Self-Administered Reflexology Class - Through acupressure massage we are able to stimulate the circulation and metabolism, the lymph system, the energy-Qi-prana, immune and healing responses of the different systems, glands and chakra centers throughout all levels of the body and energy field. Each faster is given specific massage techniques for the particular points and is encouraged to work on themselves often during the fast. Self-administered reflexology and acupressure is a wonderful way to generate sensitivity to one self. Being sensitive to your whole body and learning how and what to feel for is an excellent foundation for becoming a professional reflexologist and for getting the hands stronger. Our masseuse Pon ha a great deal of experience giving colon reflexology massage to our fasters. Pon has been with us for 22 years.


Vipassana Meditation (Anapanasati or Mindfulness With Breathing) - Vipassana means insight and it is a multi-step meditation practice, with self-investigation, to enlightenment that requires complete presence with mindful focus to see clearly from the intuitive, empty right side of the brain. Most attending fasters are here long enough to attain the three main tools for preparing for the Mindfulness with Breathing practice, Anapanasati or the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, that is taught at both Suan Mokkh ( Garden of Liberation) in Chaiya, Surat Thani and at Dipawan Meditation Center here on Koh Samui. These main tools for preparation are: the sitting position, mindful focus and the breath. One cannot have Vipassana without Mindfulness or Sati. Individual Meditation is encouraged to support the fasting process with private instruction offered upon request. We offer private group retreats upon request.


Iri-Astrodology Fasting Course - From the early 1970s I have studied and utilized both Iridology and Astrology. While working with both of these amazing diagnostic practices for many years there have been many occasions when the integration of these practices has been just too evident. Thus, I have designed a brand new introductory course I am calling “Iri-Astrodology”. This new course is to help all health practitioners understand the languages of both Iridology and Astrology, their particular maps, hidden connections and how to integrate the two into one practice. Scheduling for this course will be announced in the future.


Dharma for Teachers, Counselors and Practitioners Fasting Course - This specially designed course for all teachers and health practitioners emphasizes a spiritually based student-centered, as opposed to a system centered, education. It includes major discussions on Buddha-Dharma principles that can be applied to designing and implementing curriculums and healing practices. The course includes practicing periodic and intermittent fasting, daily Dharma talks, discussions related to education, spiritual democracy, global resonance, meditation, personal counseling and Yoga. This course is for medical interns and physicians, teachers in training attending colleges and Universities. Contact for more information. Private group courses can be arranged upon request.


The Dharma of Fasting for Professionals - This amazing course offers a deeply personal opportunity, to immerse within the fasting-dynamics of your human dharma-nature while integrating Dharma as a way of life and profession. We magically embed within our epigenetic foundation a pure-paradigm for co-creating an enlightened world of service.


An appropriate selection of Dharma teachings will be taught along with spontaneous discussions, open sharing, the physical-cosmic interface (blood, mitochondria, endocrine glands, hormones, chakras, energy field, planets), dharma methods for compassionate business, archetypal astrology, designing a life style close to nature-dharma, resolving social, professional and personal problems, mastering your relationship with nurturing-raw food "light" nutrition, structuring a daily program of sacred movement, mindful food preparation, cleansing and meditation; all based on Dharma principles that address every dimension of being a human being, being liberated and serving the planet.

*If you are interested in hosting any one of our courses please let us know.



Special Massage Sessions


Abdominal Colon Reflexology Massage -This will give the elimination process a little push by helping remove stubborn blockages, mucoid plaque; toxic liver bile and relieve tension in the colon through the release of intestinal gas.


Traditional Thai Massage - Two thorough 1 hour, Thai massage treatments are given to each faster during their week of fasting to stimulate the cleansing process. Thai massage is offered by the hour any time of day. 


Natural Herbal Body Scrub - Treat yourself to a two hour natural herbal body scrub. Pon our Thai masseuse, uses natural herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables to scrub your body of old dead skin. You will feel completely renewed and your skin will glow like a baby! This marvelous treatment includes facial and oil massage. 


Herbal “Living” Facials - Facials are such a wonderful experience, for both men and women. Pon uses only natural herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.


CranioSacral Therapy - Ricardo Neuman offers CranioSacral therapy. It is soothing, non-invasive and incredibly relaxing. The CranioSacral system includes the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid, the system of membranes inside the cranium, all 22 cranial bones, the spine and the sacrum. There is a silent force, a field of chi, which blows through the CranioSacral system, animates it, and infuses it with information and intelligence. Ricardo is well trained to listen to this field. The ability to do this is called ‘the heart of listening.’ Such work can also help the client access and release their healing potential. (Adapted from the Milne Institute of Visionary CranialSacral Work)


Deep Tissue Massage - Also offered by Ricardo Neuman, this is a penetrating manual technique that is applied directly on individual muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fibers. Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of tissue and releases chronic tension through direct slow and deep pressure on contracted areas. It "unsticks" the fibers of fascia, muscle, connective tissue, and viscera, while releasing deeply-held emotional patterns, and toxins, while relaxing and soothing the muscle. It is both corrective and therapeutic. (From Institute of Complementary Therapies)





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