Helpful Links


Cleansing Information and Products
Very informative about intestinal cleansing.
Offers a wonderfual natural cleansing system.
Information about cleansing programs 

Food Info
Greenpeace True Food Guide
Genetically Engineered Food Alert
Information regarding genetically modified foods.
This link is all about being vegetarian with lots of good links.
Information about eating raw foods.
All about organic seeds and nuts.
Herbal information.
Information on sprouting and buying the equipment.
Magical Organic Superfood
Great site all about whole foods

Vegetarian News

Alternative Health and Political-Action News
Information on treating yourself.
Learn about how to save our precious earth
Articles and and health products on natural health
Natural Bochemistry of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids and Trace Minerals for healing
Dr, Rath's Health Foundation - A Campaign for taking responsibility for a healthy world
nites people from all nations, creeds and races, religions and beliefs to create a healthy world
Dr. Young's blog on health
Dr. Byron Richard's tips are very helpful, with weekly podcasts
Citizens For Health is "The Voice of the Natural Health Food Consumer" educating about issues and laws being decided upon in the US Congress in regards to health. The information is extremely timely and valuable.
A brilliant and thorough health newsletter, with the most recent and pertinent information and concerns.
I encourage each of you to take 50 minutes of your day to listen to an interview with Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. Her heartwarming message is powerful and enlightening.

Vipassana Meditation in Surat Thani Province
Meditation and Teaching Center in Thailand.
If you are interested in the Vipassana 5 day practice on Koh Samui. Contact The Development of Light Hermitage

Alternative Healing
Far infared garments offer pain relief you can wear
Information on a variety of alternative healing techniques
Treating terminally ill cancer patients
Healing programs for healthy urban living
True teachings from the Satya Center ­ a healing arts community
Louise LeBrun offers a holistic and loving approach to healing
Thousands of posts on curing many, many health conditions
CULTIVATING BLISS is the response of Char Pias towards offering a wide variety of time tested techniques, tools and ideas in taking back our birthright - Bliss!

The best place to study Ashtanga Yoga on Koh Samui

Sara Avant Stover, Yogini, Teacher, Author
Beautiful Rebecca teaches Kundalini Yoga courses around the world and makes authentic sacred jewelry for healing and divine empowerment.
Bali Spirit is the center in Bali for Yoga. Bali Spirit hosts many of the world’s most famous Yoga teachers, while offering retreat programs throughout the year. 
Traditional Ashtanga Yoga with Prem and Radha in Bali
Courses in Ayurveda and Tantra as well

Tai Chi
Rick Attix's Tai Chi center in Phuket offers short and long term courses in the Art of Tai Chi. The best!

World News
The Warren Peace Report by Amy Goodman, excellent reporting from around the world
Bill Moyers has bee reporting news for more than 35 years. His very informatiive videos are some of the most authentic news in the world
News from around the world from academic and progressive journalists
Another excellent news source with tremendous information
This institute has some of the most well researched articles published. All of the news that needs to be seen is here!
Politically Wise and Active News
The newest geo-political research on the net
An alternative news site that reports up to date news that is controversial
Simply brilliant news stories written by some of the most progressive writers, journalists and academics in the world. 

One of the most informative little health journals on print, bi-monthly
An indepth health journal from many different modalities and perspectives, 10 issues per year
"The most important publication in the US " tells it like it is
This magazine presents articles on all aspects of heaven and earth: viewpoints on the sciences, medicine, politics, history, archeology, anthropology and religion

Retreat From Around the World
Center for Nonviolent Communication
The Recycling Council of Ontario
Mitchell Rabin's TV program on Channel 57
The Art of Nourishing The Skin From The Earth To The Sea
Lists of tested health supplements, which are good or bad
Bringing us together in Oneness and Global Resonance
Religions for Peace
Asia Travel Directory
Sacred Journeys in Peru
The Network of Spiritual Progressives
Spiritual network systems and
original research by Bruce Schuman
1000 pages of thought provoking content
Directory of Eco-Villages

Amazing Astrological Information
Great site for personal charts and information
Nicki Michaels gives brilliant astrological help
Psycho/Spiritual Counseling and Astro Readings
Bill's monthly astro newsletter and personal readings
Vedic Astrology Readings
A Site devoted to the Great Dane Rudhyar and his work
Informative worth reading articles by Robert Wilkinson
Ray Merriman’s site on astrological financial advice
Learn More Astrology
Wonderful Horary Astrology site.
The best astrology magazine in the world! Brilliant education for beginners and advanced astrologers.

Wellness Centers on Koh Samui
Tamarind Springs is the most beautiful hill retreat and day spa on our island.
Thailand's newest Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort on Koh Samui
The first fasting program on Koh Samui, offering a great fast and all of the amenities of spa comfort.

Wellness Centers in Asia
Dana Heather is a qualified Naturopathic doctor, Nutritionist and Homeopath based in Singapore. Dana lectures on a variety of topics, she provides health counseling and sells alternative health products.
The Integral Medicine Institute offers a broad range of medical practices, providing the most appropriate diagnosis, care and healing available in Asia and throughout the world.
For many, many years the Mungkala Clinic in Chiang Mai has helped numerous people with Thai-Chinese herbs and Acupuncture. This is an  oasis of healing in the middle of Chiang Mai.




If you have been to Dharma Healing and have a website that promotes health, self-healing, meditation and alternative education please let us know so we can post link for you on this page. No obligated exchange link is necessary, unless the motivation to do so comes from the heart.





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