Preparation for the Fast 

If you would like your fast to be more effective it is important to prepare by making some adjustments to your lifestyle and your diet before you come. Keeping a daily diary of what you eat, what exercise and meditation you do, can also be of great help in centering your mind into your body consciousness. 

What to Eliminate Before Your Fast

Cigarettes, recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, soft drinks, canned, bottled and packaged juices, meat, and alcohol of all kinds. Also processed and preserved foods in packages, jars, and frozen; all fried foods, foods with sugar, salt, white flour, food coloring, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, MSG, and other flavor enhancers. 

Stay away from foods that are genetically modified, irradiated and sprayed with glyphosate. Also cut back on coffee and black tea so before you come to fast either you have completely stopped drinking it or have cut back to no more than a small cup in the morning each day. 

Primary Changes

It is a good idea to begin eating an organic whole foods diet, preferably raw, if possible. This includes: fresh fruit and vegetable juices, fresh fruit, vegetables in salads or lightly steamed, seed grains like spelt, kamut, wild rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth; fresh unsalted, raw seeds and nuts and different kinds of bean sprouts.

If you have hypoglycemia and Type II diabetes, Candida (yeast), hypothyroidism, food allergies, chronic fatigue, arthritis, adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure and are in cancer remission it is best to eat a diet of mostly fresh green vegetables, carrots, and beet root; herbs like basil, dill, gota kola, kale, spinach, parsley, dark colored lettuce, oregano and other greens. 

Sea vegetables are an excellent food to add to your salads, steamed vegetables, soups, potatoes and grain dishes. Raw tomatoes, garlic, turmeric root, ginger and onion are good in small amounts mixed with in a salad or vegetable smoothie. Oregano tea is excellent to drink as it decreases blood pressure, overcomes addictions to sugar, lowers sugar in the blood and is anti-inflammatory.

If you don’t have a problem with eating fruit then a couple of days or even a week or so before you begin your fast try eating small meals of just fruit—one fruit at a time; and drink fresh vegetable and/or fruit juices in small amounts during the day. 

For your health and others during the fasting course program Dharma Healing is very against smoking. I do understand that some people are weaning themselves off of cigarettes and may in a desperate moment smoke. It is your fast. Although, it is good to know that smoking is counterproductive during a fast, as the toxins are being metabolized and the nicotine, cadmium and other chemicals in the cigarettes add to the toxic load that your body is already trying to eliminate.

If you are on medication or hormones you need to check with your doctor about going off the medicine during a fast. We are not medical doctors and cannot be responsible for any medical complications that may arise during the program.


Secondary Changes 

Watch how much you eat. Start by taking a little less to eat at each meal—smaller servings. Help your digestion by finishing your meal with that still slightly hungry feeling. This way you will not be stretching your stomach (which shrinks during your fast) and will prepare it to live for a while on empty.

Stop eating animal proteins a few weeks before your fast. Cooked flesh food is difficult for many people to digest. Your body will cleanse more efficiently if you haven't been eating animal protein before your fast. The exception would be free range, organic eggs, healthy fermented raw cow’s or goat’s milk products such as yogurt, raw unsalted fresh cheeses, including Bree, feta, sheep’s cheese, quark, cottage cheese; and raw butter in small amounts, are fine if they agree with you.

Eliminate all processed snack foods. Most all prepared and processed snack foods are heavily salted and have loads of chemicals that are very addictive. If it comes in a brightly colored package and has a long list of ingredients then give it a miss. Corn and potato chips, processed roasted nori, processed nuts and seeds with salt, sugar and other flavorings, cookies—even so-called healthy ones—and other snack foods can disrupt your hormones causing endocrine problems and weight gain from hyperinsulinemia (high insulin levels).

Stop adding salt and sugar to your food. This includes staying away from artificial sweeteners (aspartame products) and foods flavored with them; fish and oyster sauces popular in Thai food, soy sauce and tamari. 

Eliminate all pastries, such as croissants, Italian and French bread, bagels, pizzas, cakes, cookies, pies, chapattis, pita bread, scones, crumpets, crackers and crisps. All made with flour that one never knows how long ago it was picked as a whole grain, milled and sitting on a shelf. Most pastries are made with old processed wheat, yeast, salt, sugar, and other ingredients that are high on the glycemic index and can contribute to the above health conditions as well as tooth decay. 

Please read all labels. Try to learn more about the ingredients in your food, especially the ones you don’t know.

Stop eating all fried foods. The oils in fried foods that are heated to very high temperatures have become rancid and are hard on all of the digestive organs. Use only extra virgin cold pressed and chemical free oils in moderation. Always look at the expiration dates on the bottle before you buy. Margarines and all spreads are also on the list of foods to eliminate.

Stop eating processed dairy products that are not cultured. Such as milk and ice cream. Without the pro-biotic or enzymes these foods are highly mucus forming and contribute to many consumptive health problems in people of all ages.

Again, stop drinking coffee, black tea, alcohol, soft drinks, including soda water, and canned, bottled and packaged juices.

Start combining your food properly. Try to eat fruits alone, not for dessert or with nuts, grains or yogurt. This is because fruit digests very quickly and mixing it with anything else will slow its digestion causing fermentation. Don't mix complex carbohydrates and animal proteins together for the same basic reason, they don't combine well together and are likely to inhibit proper digestion.

Stay away from airplane food. Most of it is heavily salted, made with rancid oils, microwaved, possibly irradiated and preserved with chemicals. Ordering a fruit plate or drinking only water on all your flights will help you ease into and out of the fast and forgo jet lag. 

Be careful with restaurant food. Most restaurants also use too much salt, sugar, refined oils and MSG. Eating in raw foods restaurants still requires you to watch what you eat. Many of the raw foods restaurants have become more cuisine driven than nutrition driven—mixing too many ingredients together can distort the nutritional chemistry of each of the foods, causing indigestion. . . My advice: go for the simple. 


Basic Food Combining ­ Very Easy

Don’t drink with meals—have your drinks 20 minutes before or 20 minutes after        meals

Eat Fresh fruit on its own. If possible try to eat one piece of fruit at a time; or eat fruit together that grow at the same time in the same location, either as a fruit plate or in a smoothie.

Mix Vegetable salads or steamed vegetables with animal protein, such as eggs, cheese, chicken, lamb, shellfish, fish, or meat—only one protein at a time. (Again, I don’t recommend eating cooked animal protein before a fast, although if you want it mix it in the proper way)

Bananas and dried fruit can be mixed with whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Mix Vegetable salads or steamed vegetables with nuts, seeds, grains and/or beans

Do not mix any animal proteins with beans, grains, nuts, seeds or potatoes. 

Do not mix animal proteins together at the same meal.

Do not mix fresh fruit with oils, nuts, dried fruit, grains or seeds. 

I am aware that over the last 15 years the fashionable mixing-practice is to combine whatever one wants. Wonderful for those who are looking for a beautiful creative cuisine and have perfect digestion; but for many people who don’t, to optimize on the nutrition of that beautiful meal, one would have to utilize more energy to assimilate the contrived, possibly compromised nutrition. To support the most efficient digestion, especially when preparing for a fast, it is best to eat small meals of one or a few foods that combine well together. 


New Eating Protocol

In the morning drink warm water plain or with lime or lemon squeezed into it. Later drink either some herb tea, coconut water, fresh fruit or vegetable juice. Drink throughout the morning, or as long as you can. 

When you are ready eat your first meal of the day. Good breakfasts are simple—not like a king. They include fresh fruit or fruit smoothie, your own homemade porridge, or homemade muesli, homemade nut or seed milks, salads, and fermented nuts or seed cheeses on sprouted bread; or eggs with tomatoes, garlic and ginger.

Juices are not like food with pulp and fiber that require digestion. On an empty stomach they are readily assimilated from the stomach and upper part of the small intestines. Thus juices can be made with any combination of vegetables and apple, or fruit and or vegetables alone. 

Before lunch have freshly squeezed vegetable/fruit juices of any combination: carrot, cucumber, apple, celery, ginger, gota kola, kale, spinach, parsley, pineapple and beet root. 

For lunch have a fresh herb salad with lemon or lime juice and a little 100% extra virgin cold pressed olive oil or sesame oil as a dressing; or some lightly steamed vegetables. This is the time of day to have a complex animal or vegetable protein such as fresh fish, chicken or beans, as it gives your body time to digest before you retire for the night.

As a snack in the afternoon have a piece of fruit, or a carrot, cucumber or piece of celery, or a tablespoon of fresh spirulina cheese, or a tablespoon of raw tahini, almond or peanut butter, or a handful of nuts or a half an avocado. . . On a ketogenic diet, I have a tablespoon of cottage cheese with flaxseed oil or some kimchi water; or some cashew yogurt with kimchi and flaxseed oil.

In the evening time have a small bowl of brown rice, or quinoa or millet with or without lightly steamed or raw vegetables and seaweed; or have a fresh vegetable or fruit salad; or a bowl of raw or cooked veggie soup, such as steamed pumpkin and sweet potato with raw garlic, ginger, chili and onion blended. 

Don't overeat in the evening, and don’t eat late at night. Try to have your last meal finished by 7 or 7:30pm.

During the day replace coffee and black tea with herbal teas, fresh juices; fresh coconut water, or nut and grain milks. If you are out of the house then I suggest you carry a bottle of water and maybe a warm or cool thermos with juice, herb tea or hot soup to sip on.

Make it your motto to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible.

Regarding grains eat more seed grains such as quinoa, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, wild rice and small grain organic brown rice (non-gluttonous grains), daily milled and freshly baked whole grain breads with organic, non-gmo wheat, spelt or other grains leavened with sour dough instead of yeast, or baked sweet potatoes and Russet potatoes (once in a while). 

Eat fruit that is: 1. grown locally, 2. that is in season, 3. that is tree/vine ripened. 

If you want more information regarding raw food there are numerous websites to study. For more information check; or email me with your questions.

The eating method in which you prepare for your fast is very similar to the eating method in which you break your fast. In fact, making the appropriate preparation you will be quite impressed with how easy and enjoyable it is to break your fast


What to Bring

We make a strong suggestion that fasters don't use anything on their skin with chemicals. If possible it is a good idea to buy natural soap, shampoo and conditioner, creams, tooth paste, and shaving cream before you come. Although, many products are available here in Thailand, you will have a better choice abroad. Deodorant isn't needed. If you feel you must have it, you should purchase a natural sun screen before you come.

Pure Ascorbic Acid powder with mineral ascorbates or without is a good thing to bring if you can find it. During the fast we provide small amounts ascorbic acid powder but it isn't with mineral ascorbates. Another type of Vitamin C which has become very popular is liposomal Vitamin C.
Good friendly bacteria is provided at the end of your fast. Bring your own acidophilus, especially if you are planning to travel to India, Nepal, Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Viet Nam and China, as it will protect your immune system during your travels by feeding your microbiome with good friendly bacteria.
Beneficial homeopathic remedies to bring if you are planning to continue your travels and during your fast are: Carbo vegetalis - for gas; Nux Vomica - for nausea, headache and sleep; Arnica montana - for surgery and accidents; Cina ­ for worms and parasites; Coffea cruda ­ for insomnia, depression and overcoming coffee addiction; Colocynthis ­ for menstrual cramps; Magnesium Phosphate ­ for headaches and also muscle cramps; Nat Sulph and Nat Phos ­ for nausea; Nat Mur and Kali Mur for muscle cramps from excess acids coming out into the muscles, and Bach's Rescue Remedy ­ for everything . . .  Many of you may have other remedies that you think would be good to have on hand, I suggest you bring them. 

Good organic mineral solutions to bring are Ionic Liquid Minerals, Colloidal Liquid Minerals or Cell Food, as well as the powdered minerals Mezotrace. 

Any of the following Essential oils, such as Clove, Frankincense, and Oregano, Lemon, Rosemary, Peppermint, Sage, Eucalyptus and Tee Tree oils are all good to have on hand.



One of the absolute best endeavors to pursue before you come to fast is to begin a meditation practice. It can be as simple as lying flat on your back in the Yoga position called Savasana—corpse pose for 15 minutes before you get up or before you go to sleep. Watch your thoughts and your breath. 

Sitting on a chair with feet on the ground or in cross-legged position, or sitting on a cushion on the floor with proper ventilation or outside in a natural environment, without any disturbances will help you relax into a place of presence with all of nature. . . It is easy to find ways to meditate. Have a look on youtube a video that resonates with you.



If movement is a remote part of your life, now is the time to get your body going. There are so many types of movement to choose from, and any type of movement that you like is going to help you. Start with walking to work, in a park, on the beach; or walk in a pool or in the sea. Try taking a Yoga or Pilates class, or Tai Qi. Dancing is one of the most beneficial movements no matter how old you are. Jogging, a bit vigorous for some people, can be taken up while starting with short runs and short walks in a park or on the beach or on a quiet road or path in the forest. Swimming, the most beneficial exercise of all, is a wonderful exercise to incorporate regularly; and bicycling for 15 or more minutes a day is also so good. Jumping in the sea or on a rebounder (a little trampoline) is the very best exercise for the lymph system as the jumping up and down motion moves fluids from your feet up to your thoracic cavity and down again while working with your breath. . . Any form of movement to increase your circulation, stimulate your lymph system, energize your qi, activate your metabolism and detoxify your blood is good to implement before a fast.


This information isn’t always of interest to people who embark upon a fast. There are actually not too many who want to take the time and focus to change in advance of a fast. For the majority of people who I have fasted over the last 22 years, little if any preparation is done.

One can of course fast without preparation, but as I said at the beginning of this information your fast will go much more efficiently. That means that your body will respond quite comfortably to living without food; and you will cleanse more toxins out of your body with less effort.

If you have personal questions regarding preparing for your fast, please let me know. 



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