Australian WellBeing Magazine Annual 93 Oxygen Therapy by Waves Forrest.

"Overeating and even just eating daily, without ever giving the gastrointestinal tract a rest, loads down the blood with toxins and impurities, especially uric acid crystals. Under a microscope these resemble tiny coffin lids, interestingly enough, another clue to our Creator is a whimsical sense of humor. When the waste products exceed the cleaning capacity of the kidneys, the blood ends up having to just haul it around the body and stash it wherever possible. These toxins literally take up so much room in the blood cells that the cells can't take on enough oxygen when they pass through the lungs. The blood's primary function of picking up and distributing oxygen gets blocked by overuse of the garbage hauling function."

Dr. Norman Walker, Well known doctor and colonic advocate who died a few years ago at 109 years of age.

"If a person has eaten processed foods, fried and overcooked foods, devitalized starches, sugar, and excessive amounts of salt, his colon cannot possibly be efficient, even if he should have a bowel movement two to three times a day. When less than high quality food passes through the body system with little of no benefit, experience has proven, these foods leave a coating of slime on the inner walls of the colon like plaster on a wall. In the course of time, this coating may gradually increase in thickness until there is only a small hole through the center and the matter so evacuated may contain undigested food from which the body derives little or no benefit."

Dr. V. E. Irons, noted bowel specialist.

"In my opinion, there is only one disease, and that disease is auto intoxication the body poisoning itself. It's the filth in our system that kills us. So I am convinced that unless you clean your bowel, you will never reach vibrant health."

Dr. Harvey W. Kellogg M.D.

While you might expect the problem of bowel impaction and impurity with its consequent malfunction to be a problem of some careless few, this well known surgeon and health advocate from the turn of the century said:

"Of the 22,000 operations I have performed personally, I have never found a single normal colon, and of the 100,000 performed under my jurisdiction not over 6% were normal."

From the Discussion of Alimentary Toxemia before The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain.

The fact that symptoms of poisoning, resulting from constipation, do not appear at once is no evidence that injury is not done. Dr. William Hunter, in the course of the London discussion, remarked that the fact that chronic constipation might exist in certain individuals as an almost permanent condition without apparently causing ill health is due solely to the power and protective action of the liver. It is not any evidence of the comparative harmlessness of constipation per se, but only an evidence that some individuals possess the cecum and colon of an ox, the liver of a pig, capable of doing any amount of detoxification.
Doctor Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965),Doctor and Philosopher

"Within every patient there resides a doctor and we as physicians are at our best when we put our patients in touch with the doctor inside themselves."

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu recently deceased well known Thai monk scholar from The First Ten Years of Suan Mokkh.

"I myself once ate only fruits for some time and felt so comfortable and strange that I would like to suggest that everyone also try it at least once. While being on such a diet, I felt my body comfortably cool, having no odor; the color and smell of the excrement were not revolting at all. All of these, I think, are accessories for peaceful living, which is better than normal living. While I was on this kind of diet, I noted also that my senses of sight, hearing and smell were many times more sensitive than usual. Having the fruit diet leads to a spiritual result, that is, the knowledge offered to us that they are just food: There are, for example, neither condiments nor desserts, there is neither hearty eating nor nibbling, nor biting, of food. There is neither doing good nor evil, the latter can be protested against the doer. So it is a model among the many ways to lessen defilements."

Bernard Jensen D.C. Nutritionist noted bowel specialist from Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management.

"It is an indisputable fact that not only illness and old age, but even death, are due to the accumulation of waste products of body chemistry and, on the other hand, to the inability of the body to replenish it is cellular structures and organs with fresh vital nutrients. The road to health is the one that begins with an understanding and commitment to cleanse and detoxify the body, to restore the balance, peace and harmony. We must be willing to rise above selfish habits, realizing that the path of cleansing has implications for the intellect, emotions, and spirit. We need to accept our personal responsibility on this path."

Robert Gray noted bowel specialist from The Colon Health Handbook

"There is an autopsy on record wherein the colon was removed and found to weigh forty pounds." (the average 40 year old North American Male has 2.5 kilograms of extra material in the digestive track)

Marge S. Colonic Therapist from the United States talking about the parasite/worm problem in [assumed] a modern hygienic country.

"I could never tell my patients how many parasites I remove from them. They would freak out.
Question: Is anybody worm free?
Marge: No. Someone once told me that 98% of people have worms. I say 100% have worms somewhere. The worms are on lettuce. They are on everything."

M. Gandhi.

"True happiness is impossible without true health.
True health is impossible without the rigrid control of the palate.






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