The Fast

At Dharma Healing International we do an 'Elimination Fast' which includes taking rehydrated bentonite clay and our own freshly made “Five Flavor” Herbal Cleansing Formula. Our herbal cleansing formula is balanced for overcoming addictions, burning up excess fat, softening, loosening up, cleansing and eliminating old hardened mucoid plaque, bile, toxic urine and lymph fluid, yeast and parasites that stay sometimes for years in the digestive organs and body tissues

Once a day fasters self-administer a simple colonic irrigation practice we call “Yogalonics”, where we work with the water while performing different Yoga breathing techniques, massage and asanas to go deeper into the colon territory and the relationship with the body-mind interface.  This is a very practical and life-saving method in which one can take with them when they leave, perform on themselves at any time for healing numerous acute and chronic health problems.

Some people call what we do an enema. An enema is when the water only goes as far up into the colon as the sigmoid and descending colon. A colonic is when the water goes throughout the whole colon. One can do wonders with as little as 2, 3 or 4 liters of water if they know how to utilize the water to its maximum performance. And it is possible for some people to feel very successful with this technique while eliminating a great amount of old toxic material. 

For our colonic solution we use organic coffee grown in Chumpon (a Thai province North of Suratthani) that we roast and ground ourselves. The coffee is stored in sealed bags and kept in a cool, dark black barrel where it is preserved until roasting. Coffee is by far one of the best colonic solutions for stimulating the peristalsis of the material in the colon and detoxifying the liver. However on occasion we will use organic green tea and other herbal teas and sometimes essential oils on request. 

During the day fasters sip on a variety of liquids, such as: filtered RO and UV light water, medicinal herbal teas of the day, lime water, fresh coconut waters filled with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids that are harvested in our neighborhood. A few times we per week we provide fresh juices. In the evening we serve a very nutritious veggie broth soup that we make each day full of minerals and phytonutrients, made with locally grown fresh veggies, spices and herbs from China, North America, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

On the third day as most fasters have experienced some colon cleansing we begin mildly focusing on stimulating the detoxification of the liver while providing a tablespoon of Epsom salts in a glass of water and another special drink called a liver flush. The Epsom salts relaxes and opens up the bile ducts. Then two hours later we provide the very tasty liver flush with orange juice, lime juice, fresh dried chili, ginger, garlic and 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Both flushes simultaneously within a short time of one another allow old stagnant bile and sometimes gall and liver stones to be released into the intestinal tract for elimination. 

In addition to the above intake each person takes a small amount of crystalized Vitamin C powder per day to promote the all over cleansing process as well as give oxygen to the cells and thus energy during the fast.

And last, fasters are given a bottle of filtered water mixed with Ionic Liquid Minerals, Cell Food and Mezotrace Powder to support the metabolism with enough minerals.

From time to time other nourishing and medicinal drinks, herbal and Vitamin supplements and homeopathic remedies are provided based on individual need during the program. .

Our Fasting Program isn’t the quick 7 day clean me out type of fast. We provide a minimum of the highly energized above products—just enough to stimulate the body to cleanse and heal on its own. Our belief is that it isn’t more is better, it is least is best.

Our program is quite unique, for along with the fasting protocol we include a complete course of classes taught in a very particular sequence according to how people look and accept themselves; how they are motivated to cleanse and let go of the old self, old habits and attitudes and emotions, and go through transformation. 

Throughout the week a variety of classes are taught to help fasters work with the cleansing, fasting process, to guide and support each and every person while preparing him/her to lead a healthy life when they leave us.

Please refer to our Class page for a complete list with details. 

Fasters are given a great deal of individual attention to bring light to their present state and time in life. One of the best methods for learning about a person’s health is the Science of Iridology. Each person is provided one Iridology reading during the week with a personal explanation of what Iridology is and how to read a chart. The Irides express a portrait of a person’s all over health condition and constitution. In addition to the Iridology reading nutritional, emotional and spiritual counseling is combined.

During each week we include two Thai massage treatments with our masseuse of 20 years, Pon. A one hour session includes a thorough abdominal massage (if requested), supporting the elimination. Additional Thai massage is available during the day time on a fee by hour basis with Pon. 

Why Do We Need to Fast? If you live in a relatively populated city today you will find that we human beings have such an extremely broad selection of foods to choose from, that most people don’t know how to choose; although to be more accurate, it is that a major number of people in the modern world are not very in touch with what nutrition their body needs. We go by flavor, what we grew up with, the colorful and engaging labels, and the hourly whims of the mind to decide what we want to eat at any one meal. Most of us take for granted our short ride to the supermarket where our imagination is entertained.

Thus few people actually eat for nutrition and even fewer eat only when they are hungry. Although during ancient time people only had a few foods available during any one season—there was very little to choose from. In fact human beings survived on nothing from time to time where they were forced to fast.

The ancient days are long gone as we exist at the far end of the opposite extreme—most people eat too much and hardly ever experience what it means to starve.

In other words, a good majority of people eat for all types of reasons that are not related to being hungry and can often times not be related to health. In fact as we proceed on a holistic more spiritual path through life we need to truly experience what it means to feel really hungry; hungry for nutrition. And to train the body and mind to intuitively know what nutrition one needs to eat we need to fast from time to time. 

Internal Cleansing has become very popular over the years. The reasons why narrow down to that we have consciously and unconsciously subjected our body, mind and spirit to harmful life-styles, eating habits, and a modern world packed full of toxic, artificial substances that inhibit the body's own natural ability to cleanse and protect itself, while staying healthy throughout life. The digestive organs get clogged with waste matter that over time becomes a very toxic sewer. Here is what takes place in detail:

As toxic waste matter builds up, the epithelial cells lining the intestinal tract secrete mucous due to irritation. Built up toxins, stored in the mucous lining are thus absorbed by the body. Over years the toxic mucous gets harder and harder, becoming layers of rubberized matter or “mucoid plague” (and there can be over 20 or more lbs. in there!) that causes indigestion, prevents the body from absorbing all the nutrients from food and suppresses or over stimulates the immune system to do its job properly. At this point all of the systems in the body work overtime trying to clean up the excess waste that has accumulated heavily in the lymph system and at a cellular level. The once good, friendly microbiome (genes and micro-organisms that live in and on our body) becomes horribly compromised toward more villainous species who we make, host and receive from the environment. Thus the milieu of the body is not healthy; it absolutely not in favor of one’s enlightenment. 

At the same time, compensating for lack of oxygen, the person exhausts all of his/her alkaline energy reserves to find homeostasis, and a slow spiral toward an increasingly unhealthy life continues until effort is made to do some cleansing and make some changes or go to the doctor to get fixed in some manner or die.

The toxic state that many, many people are in can cause everything from that tired, exhausted feeling, CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, acne, eczema, psoriasis, Candida albicans, asthma, arthritis, heart disease, high cholesterol, pre-mature aging, neuro-muscular diseases, obesity, auto-immune disorders, chronic pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Disease (basically anything wrong in the intestinal track), also PMS, peri-menopause and menopause symptoms, Diabetes and other diseases of the endocrine glands such as hypo and hyperthyroidism, adrenal fatigue, infertility, liver diseases and Cancer.

Probably not every illness is related to this waste overflow the body is carrying around, causing a clogged digestive system, but as one well known doctor said, 90% of our illnesses are related (refer to our quotes). Fasting is a natural healing method, a time to let the higher intelligence of your body take over. It is the oldest healing method humankind has known. To cleanse the colon [large intestine], the liver, the blood and other internal organs may be the best thing you will ever do for your health.

Breaking the Fast properly for the first 10 days after the fast will help one experience the full benefits of the fast. To begin the break process we provide a tasty cashew yogurt we make together in the kitchen raw foods class. Eaten over 3 or 4 days the cashew yogurt reintroduces friendly pro-biotic bacteria into the intestinal tract, important enzymes for stimulating digestion and B Vitamins to support the immune system. On day two of breaking the fast each person begins eating the amazing kimchi we also make in the in the kitchen class, which is full of pro and pre-biotics (fiber), enzymes, phytonutrients and sylvestrols. 

After the fast, it is important to put one's own loving energy into the food. We encourage all of our fasters to go to the local fresh food market and buy their own fruits and vegetables a cutting board, knife and bowl. This simple act of feeding and nurturing ourselves after a fast supports a physical, mental and spiritual immune response, toward happiness and wellbeing.

Each of us is very delicate after a fast and needs to take excellent care in breaking the fast properly. Once again, I will tell you that it takes a minimum of at least 10 days of breaking the fast properly to feel the full physical, mental and spiritual benefits. That is why we give explicit directions in staying away from a list of "No Nos" while eating a natural, mostly raw, whole foods diet. This class is one of the 6 classes we teach during the Break the Fast workshop.

It is necessary to watch not only what we eat, how we eat, how much we eat, who we eat with, who grows and prepares our food,  and also where we eat after a good fast. Restaurant and airline food may not always be healthy. Many people who eat in restaurants and who eat airplane food directly after a fast report feeling awful. We encourage and support fasting on bottled water (you must ask for it), ordering fruit or carrying healthy foods on long flights.

After a fast each of us is vibrating at a much higher frequency and is definitely HUNGRY! Not only that we often become intuitively awakened to what appropriate nutrition is and what are unwanted poisons. Thus, we become much more vulnerable and sensitive to what we eat and have very distinct desires on what to break-fast with; such as wanting a cucumber, a piece of watermelon, a mango or an onion! Yes, there are people who are very hungry for an onion when they break their fast. 

Everyone who comes here leaves feeling changed, alive vibrant and truly awakened to their Higher Self! Many people overcome old habits, attitudes, and addictions. Smoking is not allowed and most people quit smoking, drinking alcohol, eating sugar, taking recreational drugs, also medications and eating unhealthy processed fast foods. . .

Our Fasting Course Program is directed according to Dharma teachings of self-responsibility, self-investigation and self-empowerment. It is for those who want guidance in changing their lives, who want to leave behind the old Karmic history held in the body, old habits and outdated attitudes and work toward their higher spiritual and Divine potential, on a Path of mindful-presence and compassion; learning how to love one’s Higher Self while changing the world they live in. It is our privilege to help each person who comes to us work toward this positive state of living and being, while unconditionally holding up the mirror for them to be their own teacher and their own healer.

It is our hope that everyone who comes to be with us feels, safe, loved and supported in our family environment on the Bay of Peace throughout their stay.

If you are new to the idea of internal cleansing you will be starting a fantastic education into your body and your health from a very personal, spiritual experience. As we like to say, you really get to know YOU.

Throughout Eastern and Western religious traditions fasting has been our primary way toward spiritual inspiration and self-purification, broadening our inner consciousness and intuitive abilities toward wellbeing and enlightenment. It is a time to go within, giving the body a rest from the material world, the mind a superior focus and the spirit freedom to swim in harmony with the elements of nature, elements that support one's humanness and ultimate, divine simplicity to experience life at its most basic existence. It is the oldest therapeutic method known to human beings. Even before the advent of the medicine man and the healing arts, human beings instinctively stopped eating when they felt ill and abstained from food until health was restored. All of our greatest masters have fasted. It is without a doubt the absolute best gift a person can give him or herself and is the ultimate vacation!



Group of December 2011


There is hidden sweetness in the stomach’s emptiness
We are lutes no more, no less
If the soundbox is stuffed full of anything-no music
If the brain and the belly are burning clean with fasting every moment a new song comes out of the fire
The fog clears and new energy makes you run up the steps in front of you
Be emptier and cry like reed instruments cry
Emptier write secrets with the reed pen
When you’re full of food and drink an ugly metal statue sits where your spirit should be
When you fast good habits gather like friends who want to help
Fasting is Soloman’s Ring
Don’t give it to some illusion and lose your power
But even if you have if you’ve lost all will and control they come back when you fast
Like soldiers appearing out of the ground
Pennants flying above them
A table descends to your tents
Jesus’ Table
Expect to see it when you fast this table
Spread with other food better than the broth of cabbages
*Fasting by Rumi 13th Century

The Dharma Healing International Fasting Course Program is directed according to Buddhist Principles, guiding each individual into him/herself; practicing Love, Kindness, Empathy/Compassion and Equanimity. Please note: we are not doctors. We do not diagnose, treat or cure anybody.



Lovely tropical quiet Beach.

Our Main "food" during the fast
Coconut Water.

Enjoying the Coconut Together

Cheers to Health

Preparing the Colonic

19:00 Time for Soup Broth

Painting without brushes

Sean in Kriya

Great Group February 2008

Hillary in The Kitchen October 2008





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