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What is Dharma Healing?

Dharma Healing is a self-educational-healing paradigm, philosophical theorem, psychological investigation and personal practice, based on Buddha Dharma teachings, that follow and believe in the natural, cosmic laws of You—and your Dharma;


Dharma Healing is the study, and conscious knowing of:

How your body works, how your mind functions; and the discovery of the Karmic origins of your emotions, mental states, thoughts and actions.

Dharma Healing is your personally designed healing mandala:

The mindfully-created mandala to follow your personal Dharma, (What is Dharma?) that leads to overcoming suffering; that ascends Karmic Life History, through your intentions, thoughts and actions; as you seek practices that support emptiness, compassion, harmony, equanimity, and integrated-holistic wellness . (The Eightfold Path)

This is Dharma Healing, and those who cultivate their Dharma Healing study themselves, acquiring the vast, inherent resources, tools for affirmations and aspirations toward self-realization, while utilizing Dharma principles (What is Dharma?) that spiral all efforts toward infinite proportions, not for the goal of material success but for an authentic, self-generated-universal-presence, developed through careful cultivation of the mind and heart.

Dharma Healing is a deeply, compassionate spiritual philosophy, psychology and personal practice that reveals and heals You each day while serving all.

This is the culminating education without a formal degree, certificate or peer reviewed status from a mundane body of law to evaluate You.

In essence:

The Buddha Dharma puts great attention to the idea that the highest Law and Authority is you and your education and understanding of yourself.

According to Dharma Healing and Practice, You are your Own Law and Authority.

In truth, Dharma Healing is a conscious commitment of non-attachment to the world (logiya), through an instinctive calling of ascendance to follow a non-dual, Middle Path (Machimapatipata), parallel to what the Buddha designed and set forth.

Dharma Healing, as a philosophical theorem, decreed by Rabindranath Tagore, is a call for. . . . .

Truth (that) lies in the rational harmony between the subjective and objective aspects of reality, both of which belong to the super-personal man/woman.

Poetically expressed, Dharma Healing is:

A spiritual code of universal law, and ethics that all conscious human beings can emanate through the intimate awareness of their perpetual thoughts and actions in their daily lives;

An absolute conduct that human beings inherently Generate throughout their healing journey to awakening, as they intricately discern their Karmic life history;

An exceptional epigenetic sensitivity, that holds to an all knowing Truth and intention, of boundless,

Spiritual abundance, and infinite possibility; Of vast presence and the unknown, cosmic destiny of your own creation.


Dharma Healing is the divine magnificence of the Middle Path of Dharma Attracting Truth seekers who humbly strip down to emptiness as their sacred ritual

To attain the Good, we must ascend to the highest state, and, fixing our gaze thereon, lay aside the garments we donned when descending here below; just as in the Mysteries, those who are admitted to penetrate into the inner recesses of the sanctuary, after having purified themselves, lay aside every garment, and advance stark naked.” Plotinus (

Just as a pearl hunter, aided by heavy stones tied to his feet, dives to the bottom of the ocean and secures the precious pearl, so should man, aided by indomitable will, dive deep within himself and secure the most precious of all jewels.” Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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