Fasting as a path of Dharma


With Classes On Bio Spiritual Nutrition

 Doing a fast (no food) is like a long held Yoga pose, where God or the universe is your witness. It requires sincere motivation, presence, balance and trust in oneself to let go, cleanse and detoxify the body, mind and emotions.

Each of us who fast as a path in life find that with each fast we become clearer, more conscious, more vigorous, more alive, more immune-intelligent, and divinely Awake In Our Dharma.

In each workshop, we go deeper into the fasting-cleansing process, our digestive and immune systems, our mitochondria, our microbiome, glands, and hormones. We discuss the Chakras, what is bio-spiritual nutrition and light-energy of the food we eat, and our relationships with it.

The week is filled with in depth, newly researched information, with an immersion into your body, mind, emotions, habits, cravings, and life-styles, as well as discussions of the psycho-physio manipulation of the food markets, big-pharma, the medical industry, and our epigenetic socio-cultural conditionings.

As each of us go through Major transformations during the fasting week we incorporate a variety of Dharma principles to assist our experience, empower our moment to moment observations and center us into the body sanctuary of our second brain consciousness.

In Summary, Classes present information on:

Lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates, coffee, alcohol, the glycemic index and glycemic pillar, water; Dharma; a 4 hour workshop in breaking fast: the no-nos for the first 10 days, 10 day protocol of breaking fast, how to experience the full physical, mental and spiritual benefits of your fast, Loving Higher-Self Nurturing, How to Eat Mindfully in society, Setting up healthy kitchens, additional workshops in Archetypal Astrology, Chakra-Qi, Eating “Lightly”.

In addition to the above 7 day fasting course the program also provides:

Several Yoga and Meditation sessions per week, 1 daily self-administered colonic irrigation “yogalonics” in your room, and 2 Thai Massages.

Our Fasting Menu:

Cleansing herbs, bentonite clay, crystalized Vitamin C, Ionic Liquid Minerals, Mezotrace minerals, lime juice and a variety of healing drinks such as, two fresh coconut waters per day, herbal tea, filtered water, mineral broth soups, occasional juices during the week, and a weekly Epsom Salt with liver flush.

Private Counseling with an Iridology reading is offered to each faster.

In the next year Dharma Healing will be directing fasting courses in different countries hosted by several of our alumni. At this time courses are being planned for Bali, Mexico, US and Italy.

If you are interested in hosting a fast in your country kindly let me know.

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