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Me, Hillary Adrian Han, And My Work


HillaryGradually over the last 30 years I have had a growing realization that in order to be truly happy each day, I am being called to sincerely and unconditionally wish for, live and work for the same happiness, success, vitality and enlightenment for each and every living being that I strive for and destine for myself.

Knowing this helps me affirm, pray and live out the joy and resonance of the earth, a will to listen with an open agenda with each naked step, an original song of gratitude for life’s mysteries, and a humble love and silent grace for each and every living being (big trees included). This is the utmost self-nurturing and celebration of my own personal Dharma Coherence by way of immersing heart and mind into a Dharma of Oneness of empathic bodhisattivic-service, solitude time, sacred movement, nature immersion, and mindful presence.

I am a Dharma educator, fasting coach, counselor, nutritionist, Iridologist, researcher, astrologer, writer and Dharma translator (from Thai to English), and a life-style swimmer. I study many disciplines that help me understand myself, Mother Nature, human nature and the socio-cultural, environmental, religious, economic, historical, biochemical, astrological and cosmic world that encompasses my life and yours.

I am a teacher, creator of curricula, counselor and researcher in alternative-health-education according to Buddha Dharma principles. After graduating with an EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1987 I ventured to Koh Samui, Thailand, where I have been living for the past 31 years.

I am the owner and director of Dharma Healing International, a spiritual-educational, fasting, retreat center on the island of Koh Samui www.dharmahealingintl.com.

The foundation of the work that I do encompasses the translation of Dharma texts from Thai to English by the late, venerable Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, designing curricula and Dharma management programs that focus on the body-mind-spirit inter-relationship within a very personal, socio-cultural, professional and universal Dharma-mandala.

I practice, teach and provide counsel in fasting as a path, Bio-Spiritual Nutrition, body consciousness by way of Iridology, Archetypal Astrology and other body maps, “Yogalonic” (colonic irrigation), acupressure, Reiki, sacred movement, and different forms of Yoga. At present I am researching and writing a series of books, offering personal counseling and teach in-person courses and mini-workshops. For those of you looking to join one of our fasting course, I invite you to have of look at the Dharma Healing website www.dharmahealingintl.com

Here at dharmahealing.org my offer to you is this:

Helping you with your personal Dharma. In my very precious life-work, I hold the mirror up to you, for you to do the phenomenal study of going deep into yourself. I do that through offering in-person courses on the Dharma of Fasting and Bio-Spiritual Nutrition (Dharma Light), Dharma of Fasting for Professionals, Dharma of Fasting for Teachers and the Dharma of a Compassionate Business Mandala; through writings: articles, stories and books; teaching 7 day courses and mini-workshops, and through private counseling sessions in: Archetypal Astrology, Iridology, Bio-Spiritual Nutrition, Dharma Psychology and Dharma Light.

If you are seeking personal assistance in finding alternative-integrative medical centers, therapies and practitioners throughout the world, for any emotional, physical or spiritual condition or situation, I am happy to help you with doing the research. This work I offer by donation to your chosen charity, not as a practitioner, counselor or teacher but as a friend.

7 to 30 day Fasting Courses Offered:

Fasting as a Path of Dharma with Bio-spiritual Nutrition, called Dharma Light

Dharma of Fasting for Professionals

The Dharma of a Compassionate Business Mandala

Privately Designed Fasting Courses for Groups and Individuals

Dharma for Teachers

The Dharma of Compassionate Business

Private Counseling Sessions:


Archetypal Astrology

Bio-spiritual Nutrition—Dharma Light

Dharma Psychological Counseling


Fasting as a Path of Dharma

Fasting and Bio-Spiritual Nutrition

Archetypal Astrology


Foot Reflexology


The Dharma of a Compassionate Business Mandala


The Dharma Healing Fasting Masters’ Manual

The Dharma of Fasting for Professionals

The Dharma of Compassionate Business

The Dharma of Eating “Lightly”

Selected Articles:




Dharma Translations from Thai to English

Citta Pawana – What Does It Mean to Develop the Mind


If you want more of my history, please read the extensive bio on http://www.dharmahealingintl.com/v2aboutus.html

If you have any questions whatsoever, or would like to get in touch, you can email me at: hillaryadrian@yahoo.com

I don’t use cell phone, nor do I use Skype.