Survival Starts With You

Survival of course starts with you—to know and become master to your own body, mind and heart; to decode all of the subtle layers of the human energy field—from in to out, from the far reaches of the cosmic universe demonstrated through your Chakras, to your endocrine glands, hormones and neurotransmitters, to the deep abyss of atoms in your blood cells. . .  Learning about You you sensitize to the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune relationship, the intricacies of your diet, and sleep patterns, the planetary influences, the phases of the Moon and how you carry water, the different climates and the ups and downs of your metabolism as you mature and age. Over time you become aware of the reflexes on the soles of your feet and hands, to the smell of your skin, to pains that come and go, to the subtle shifts in your consciousness, to how your beliefs, attitudes and emotions, from long ago may still be carried within your gut microbiome to this day, and what you feel compelled to do to engage with them to survive and thrive in life.

You are each a disciple reflecting the bio-rhythms of Mother Earth and the Divine Universe, full of minerals and quanta (bundles of bio-photons). Each of you is an experiment, an expert into You and your truth, an observer and participant in being You, and living your Dharma, while discerning and discovering new traits, gifts and resources that support your survival. You are worthy, and capable with amazing equipment, with incredible faculties to take total responsibility for all your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, conditions and actions—past, present and future. In this manner you become your own guru, your own healer, your own mother, your own best friend and lover; able to consciously investigate your mind and dreams, navigate and strategize your best options, while unconditionally dismantling your past Karmic history and what needs changing, adjusting, editing and disassociating from. And as you go about your rituals of sustenance, you remain firmly rooted like the lotus on the pond—with perfect integration among the forces of enlightenment; intuitively knowing that any separation is life threatening and could pull you under water, from the synergy of your mandala, from your center of universal presence and coherent connection to oxygen’s life support and the Sun’s bio-photons to heal.

By request of the present circumstances you remain dedicated to choosing LIFE, to shift or edit your costume if necessary; to free yourself of the ego-self while you strive to be pure, present, protected and prepared in your Dharma of what doesn’t serve you, the common good, or the planet at any particular moment of your choosing. And with the power of your intention to emerge as a liberated divine being, your efforts allow others to evolve, seek their Dharma, and be free as well.

We are a compilation of micro-cosmic beings, gathering together, running around in cycles of incarnations. The cosmic world of You is your personal university, with an endless education within each of you, with each new moment.

This cosmic world throughout my life has kept me humble, vigilant and meditative, on the alert of choosing life, on life-support of being grateful for survival, as a never-to-forget member of humanity and what it means to suffer painfully.

While learning how to liberate myself spontaneously toward Right Intention, Right Livelihood, and Right relationship and The Eight Fold Path there might be happiness, freedom, peace, wisdom, good health and unconditional acceptance of what I can and can’t change. (The Eight Fold Path).

Sometimes I think: “I know myself, and I know what is best for me. I know where I am going.” “I have the answer.” But a moment later suddenly I am struck with some lightening event that for a slight moment takes me by surprise, speeding up my heart rate, completely deviating my perspective, my direction, my plans, my center of gravity and grabs my focus, flight and flow; redirecting me against the present current, against what everyone around me says, thinks and does, against what my mother always told me is true. Then a good deal of what I thought was the right or wrong music, black or white belief, permanent and impermanent situation, me and him, and the normal routine I do for myself or for others, well, has to be completely reevaluated, redesigned and changed by a higher, cosmic-calling, a greater Dharma, a more potent heartbeat, and sometimes a piercing epiphany . . . . .

To be ALIVE means to accept the unknown; sometimes it is an unexpected visitor, a strong tremor from nowhere, or a downpour of heavy rain in the forest; or a cancelled flight; a detained client, an unexpected wave and high tide; or it is a surprised behavior shift in someone you are close to or thought you knew. Or when you learn your father has stage 4 cancer . . . Expecting the unexpected is a blessing, a great savior and assistance far from naively believing your world is permanent. However, although you are ready for the unexpected, you never project, or affirm the shocking event will occur, you never attach to the righteous view of what will happen, you just subtly, consciously know it is a possibility but do what you can mentally, physically and spiritually to prevent it.

To deeply know the impossible or the unexpected is a possibility, is a breath of pure air, and a contribution to your Dharma bank and practice. Then you are always ready and flexible when the great law of impermanence shakes your life “up”. Then you are always ready and vigilant to embrace the emptiness of the moment with your law and authority, and relinquish anything which gets in the way of the empty You, and your precious freedom to survive life as your choice.

Furthermore, if you have faith in that silent affirmation, you intentionally energize, that famous saying: “I am being open to the universe now”—there may very well be some type of divine message brought forth; surprisingly perfect as the moment dawns. Naïve, metaphysical, you might say, irresponsible, unconscious or flaky. Nevertheless, the power of total presence at that particular time, You gather forth, with the universe as your witness (or if you believe in God as your witness) is the divinely powered energy of Survival, in the most extraordinary circumstances.

Choosing to survive LIFE also means movement. You can’t have one without the other. If you stop moving, you stop living. Your mind becomes closed and your body becomes hard, old and rigid, and the whole world stops evolving toward enlightenment along with you, as you allow gravity to pull you down from lack of oxygen, from lack of light.

Choosing LIFE you train yourself from this moment to channel in the divine light, to be flexible, receptive and ready for your truth and Dharma; ready to listen to the message of nature’s song, ready for the unknown opportunity that you create for the good of all. Then life perpetuates on a spiral of ascension, at which the mind doesn’t age, nor does it die. Its ascended nature broadens in its capacity toward emptiness, opening further and further toward Divine Light and the perennial reality of Oneness—with each reverent moment, with each conscious breath.

This means as you commit to continually learn about yourself, you stay mindful, heedful and prepped for unexpected events; adjusting your humility, questioning what gets in the way of your freedom, agility, child nature and inner grace. You become more and more aware of the power of your intentions and how you direct them, creating everything you do and attract. The idea is to become an expert at editing your life, taking the meditation cushion with you, letting go and detoxing when appropriate, cooperating with innocence as a daily ritual, and starting over whenever you feel in need. Thus it is no surprise that this mindful adventure you are on enhances your spiritual practice, expands your heart, and engages a compassionate interconnection with all us living micro-cosmic beings who you share life with on planet earth.

Read yourself as a trusted book, that you are being channeled to write as you go along


“To walk in a sacred manner is to make an art of life,
To attend to each moment as though it were the last,
To take each step as though it were the first.”  Black Elk (the great Oglala Sioux shaman)