Dharma of Fasting

The Dharma of Fasting for Professionals – Summary

I start the week out with introducing the meaning of dharma: its cosmic origin, with some Hindu and early Buddhist religious history; appropriate words that translate; and its relevance to our lives as teachers, practitioners, leaders and counselors today.

How Dharma evolved from dharma, the differences and similarities to Buddhism and Hinduism, such as the different perspectives of Karma and the mind, changing life circumstances and consciousness.

I discuss the importance of fasting as a way of guiding us deeper into our body-mind interface; the reasons why fasting stimulates, what I coin, our “divine immune intelligence”; the way fasting helps us know our mind of within each cell, and helps us eliminate old Karmic life history we hold in the cell membrane and our “second brain”, our 3rd Chakra and throughout consciousness.

I talk about the immune system and the digestive system; our highest and most powerful nutrition; seeking our divine Self through studying and learning about ourselves as the university; and creating a bridge within heart and mind that forms the connection to students, clients, patients and colleagues.

We discuss a selection of Dharma teachings that help us investigate our mind. I touch on bio-psychical factors to mindfully observe in our body while we fast, and how to work with various bio and psycho truths that arise as we are cleansing.

I talk about the 7 Principles for Divine Service, the 4 principles for all relationships and the meaning of Karma and Karmic Life History. Different teachings are presented that emphasize the Buddha’s message emphasizing that we are each our own Law and Authority. Throughout the week this profound message of the Buddha is enhanced with several Suttas and essays that I have written.

There is a great deal of discussion on what is equanimity and how do we practice equanimity in our relationships, especially our professional relationships.

In addition I teach a discussion on the subtle layers of the human energy field, with a wonderful Introduction to Archetypal Astrology. To top off this amazing lecture with an astrological reading of each person’s natal and transiting charts while engaging their life purpose into our course focus.

During the last days of the week thorough discussion will be given to following a Dharma path as we break-fast with mindful presence, make the transition ‘back into the world, seek out rituals that protect us, affirm a healthy, honest, spiritual relationship with money; and finally highlight how to integrate the week’s conversation into our personal and professional life.